In Defiance of the Most Powerful

Putting his Career and reputation at stake Christopher Coates, former chief of the Justice Department’s Voting Section,  agreed  against his bosses wishes  to tell Congress what he knows.  The Testimony isn’t expected to be good for Eric Holder and his Justice Department and as we predicted this is shaping up to be a huge scandal that just won’t go away for the Obama administration.

Christopher Coates, surprised the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights this week when he agreed to testify before it. Previously, the Justice Department prevented Coates from complying with a subpoena to testify before the commission, a commission spokeswoman said.

In a letter to the commission, which was not written on Justice Department stationary, Coates offered to testify, but did not say whether his testimony was sanctioned by the department. Nor did he indicate what he would say.

But former Justice Department attorney J. Christian Adams said he expects Coates to confirm what Adams testified in July.

Adams told CNN that Coates will testify “that there’s an open and pervasive hostility towards race-neutral enforcement of the voting rights laws, and that there were explicit instructions that certain laws are not going to be enforced.”

Coates further will testify that the case against the New Black Panther Party “was dismissed because of hostility towards race-neutral enforcement of the law, and that it was a solid case,” Adams said.

Glenn Reynold’s posts:

PARANOID? Reader John Mark Williams: “Does it seem just too big a coincidence that Stephen Colbert is testifying on Friday, the same day that Christopher Coates is scheduled to testify on the Black Panther case? Which testimony do you think the legacy media is going to sensationalize and focus on? Just seems too convenient to me.”

One has to wonder.

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