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What is it with this rainbow thing? What does it have to do who you have sex with? and why are we calling people gay, The homosexuals get depressed as much if not more than normal people. Who is rewriting … Continue reading

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Lighting Up

Its OK to laugh. You know its funny.  I used to have a thing about Cuban cigars. but these days I think the Nicaragan and Dominican are every bit as good and cheaper.

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Frack the Middle East

I saw this on the way into work this morning. $2.999  for a gallon of gas. Despite the uncertainty of wars and revolution in the Middle East , Gas prices continue to drop. We just started to shift away from … Continue reading

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Memo to IRS management

Maybe the IRS should consider moving to Gmail.   They never seem to crash, its constantly backed up  and its free.

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The Great Fisking!

In a great fisking Walmart takes on the New York Times.  It becomes obvious that Timothy Egan of the Times didn’t have a clue about what he was writing about. There are certain Institutions and Corporations the the leftist rally … Continue reading

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On my Commute

On the way into work work I’ve noticed this sign at a small bar in Texas City. It looks to me like somebody didn’t pay there bar bill.

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Thoughts on the NFL Ad Ban

The censorous  bastards of the  NFL are at it again. They found it to offensively violent for NFL football fans. After viewing the ad its hard to understand why this is banned and caveman crushing dinosaurs are permitted. Maybe there … Continue reading

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In My Email inbox

First I want to apologize for the liberal use of the F word… In 2008 sometime I had to register on an Obamian Campaign site to see some garbage that the campain was spewing. While I gave them a legitimate … Continue reading

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Tell Us How You Really Feel, Howie

Howie Carr of the Boston Herald unloaded big time in an editorial piece titled Moonbats Mourn Another Red Thug. The rant begins: Say it ain’t so, Joe, or should I say Jose? Poor Joe Kennedy, mourning the loss of his … Continue reading

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Pi in the Sky

In England some people have decided to do something about what they feel is a slipping in their computer skills as a nation,  They have been working on a $25.00 solution. The Raspberry Pi.  The boards are slowly being let … Continue reading

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