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Riding Out COVID-19 In Galveston

Although I haven’t heard of any official pronouncements. I think the pandemic has crested here in the state of Texas and in Galveston County.  Although testing has increased, the reported cases are headed in a downward direction at least for … Continue reading

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Harvey, The Beginning

We had a light rain overnight, then a short but colorful storm before the sunrise.  Our lights blinked off momentarily.  Equalities computer rebooted,  mine didn’t. It’s the first of many times I’m sure. Equality and I went out to get … Continue reading

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Harvey is Coming.

Harvey is coming, and as usual, his arrival is full of hype and breathless reporting locally and nationally.   so far it is still just a depression and hasn’t formed into an official tropical storm. Yet. A Hurricane Watch and Storm … Continue reading

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Naming Your Poison at the Beach.

Bare footed Spring breakers are in for some hurt, when they visit our beaches during the next couple of weeks. We noticed last week while strolling the beach quite a few Man O’Wars washed up below the high tide line. … Continue reading

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Frack the Middle East

I saw this on the way into work this morning. $2.999  for a gallon of gas. Despite the uncertainty of wars and revolution in the Middle East , Gas prices continue to drop. We just started to shift away from … Continue reading

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Eighth wonder of the World

I guess the Galveston Parks Department is Just trying to make the best of things. after all there isn’t an easy answer or solution, but j think that the most of us agree that its a pretty stinky ugly mess. … Continue reading

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Radio Free Galveston

I  changed the Tagline of the blog to today. from “Observations of a Yankee Living in Galveston”  to “Radio Free Galveston”.  The old Tagline was lame and didn’t reflect about what the blog is really about.  The new one in … Continue reading

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Sucker Born Every Minute

The New Pleasure Pier opened on Galveston’s Seawall on Memorial day weekend. It is different from the Kemah  Boardwalk, The Santa Monica Pier or the Atlaantic City Boardwalk.  They charge $10 bucks for the privilege walking  on the pier. Yet the crowds … Continue reading

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Occupy Galveston

The Occupy Galveston folks were all set up on the seawall this afternoon. There were only 5 of them although I believe one may have been just a passerby. They were older than most of the Occupy people that I’ve … Continue reading

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Stacking Rocks in Galveston

We went to Sedona a few weeks ago for some R & R  a beautiful place that has a reputatation as a gathering place for mystics, hippys and other odd sorts.   I wasn’t surprise when I visited the Airport … Continue reading

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