Going Forth Local Number Breakdown – May 12th

As we go forth, to get a little sunshine, fresh air, and a change of scenery.  During the week we will head towards the beach or shoreline.  Shopping is done early in the morning.  A lot of people aren’t wearing masks and the beaches are busy on the weekends.  This weekend is supposed to be a bit stormy. Maybe this will keep down the crowds.

I reran the numbers from the Texas Department of State Health Services (DSHS) to get a more recent visual on how the Wuflu is processing. The charts are all from Data collected up until May 12th.


May 12th Data

This is a chart of accumulated cases in Texas  There seems to be an increase in the trend. Cities like San Antonio and Dallas/Fort worth seem to be driving the upward numbers.  There has been an increase in the amount of testing throughout the state.

Harris County

The Harris County (Houston) numbers reflect a different trend.

Harris County New Cases

The chart seems to indicate a leveling off, and perhaps a downward trend. It should be noted that Houston is the fourth largest Metroplex in America.  Much of it is spread out and there is limited public transportation.

Galveston County

Galveston County with a population of  342,000 seems to be doing a little better.

Galveston County Daily Cases

This chart indicates that we in Galveston aren’t doing too bad. It’s worth noting that Galveston has a lot of people employed in the healthcare industry.  So far there have been 691 cases in the County of which 197 cases were in senior care facilities.  UTMB medical facility employs 3,000 people has had 60 cases, most of whom had been identified early in the pandemic.  Galveston Island itself which includes Jamaica Beach has had a total of 54 confirmed cases.

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