Essential Galveston Island Frequencies.

Most ham radio operators on Galveston Island have a long list of frequencies programmed into their radios. We do have some available repeaters that aren’t well documented and others that aren’t available anymore.  I put together a list of available frequencies that should be useful here on Galveston Island. I’ve had visitors ask what repeaters are available on the Island

This is a list of frequencies that not only are useful for normal communications but in an emergency situation.  Most residents on the Island have a much longer list, but I have excluded most repeaters that aren’t within the county, or particularly strong.  Two exceptions are the listed Fusion repeaters, One is in Friendswood, and the other in Baytown. These should be able to be reached with a full-powered mobile. I have not included any DMR or DSTAR repeaters, simply because I don’t have a radio that works with them. I will be happy to make those additions if you let me know as well as any other repeaters and frequencies that should be added. Please let me know of any suggested additions, deletions or modifications,

This link of Essential Freqencies will be a  printable PDF that may be useful.

Liberty KF5IZN

Galveston Essential Frequencies

Name Recieve
Offset Tone NOTES
TARS VHF 147.740 Plus 167.9 Tidelands Amateur Radio Club
Marathon Texas City
Net Tuesday 20:00 Hours
TARS UHF 442.025 Plus 103.5 TARS
Marathon Texas City
Low usage.
145.530 Simplex NONE Galveston County Emergency
Communications Group
Designated Simplex channel
GCECG 2M 145.410 Minus 131.8 Galveston County Emergency
Communications Group
League City
GCECG 70cm 442.225 Minus 131.8 Galveston County Emergency
Communications Group
League City
2 Meter
Call Freq.
146.520 Simplex None Ham Radios version of CB
Call Frequency
446.000 Simplex None Under utilized Frequency.
WB5MB 146.680 Minus 103.5 UTMB in Galveston
Very underutilized. Good Reach
MoodyVHF 147.300 Plus 123.0 Moody Hotel
Galveston Radio Information Net
Wednesday 20:00
Mid Island Repeater.
Moody UHF 442.150 Plus 123.0 Moody Hotel
Mid Island Repeater.
N5FOG VHF 146.880 Minus 103.5 Galveston Island
World System Link.
N5FOG UHF 443.275 Plus 103.5 Galveston Island
Linked World Wide
Alaska Morning Net 12:00
520 Group. 145.520 Simplex None Popular Simplex Chat Group.
LaMarque Rpt 146.900 Minus 123.0 LaMarque Police Dept.
NE5TX 444.975 Plus 100.0 Yaesu System Fusion
Texas Patriot Room
KD5GR 147.120 Plus 167.9 Yaesu System Fusion
Charles Cotton


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