Can They Do Anything Right?

Eric Holder seems to be having a hard time with the DOJ. Seems as though haven’t been able to do anything right. If his actions don’t contradict the will of the people, the condradict the promises made by his boss President Obama. The DOJ even contradicts itself. They Prosecute Arizona for enforcing Federal Law, and they turn away from folks buying and selling marijauna under the guise of medical purposes. They mysteriously drop the charges in the New Black Panther case and then get caught telling Coates not to testify against them.

So when J. Christian Adams, calls Eric Holder and his gang at the DOJ “Keystone Kops”, we find ourselves in agreement:

Friday was a very bad day for the people responsible for the Keystone Kops operation protecting military voting rights inside the Justice Department. The three ranking members of the House of Representatives with oversight over military voting issues and the Justice Department sent a devastating letter to Assistant Attorney General Tom Perez. The curtain has been pulled back, and the DOJ spin that they are doing everything they can to protect military voters has become a laugh line.

It’s hard to tell whether they just stupid in this case or whether they are attempting to keep our servicemen from voting.

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