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Fast and Furious, Gun Walking to Honduras

The Congressional investigations are finding and opening up more cans of worms , A Honduran operation is known as “Operation Castaway”, is about to unfold, and it is not looking pretty.

Reports are that Virginia O’Brian the special agent in charge is calling in agents in for a weekend shredding party. A communication simultaneously released by David Codrea and Mike Vanderboegh who are working on this story simultaneously.

 O’Brien is in full meltdown. She ordered supervisors from around the Division to report immediately to division offices and to plan on working through the entire weekend on the coverup.

Her partner in the bungle was ASAC Scott McCampbell. At one point the case was ready to be wrapped up with arrests and remain relatively efficient but O’Brien and McCampbell decided on their own to keep it going to “get more” against the advise of thier field employees and the walked guns numbers got out of control.

OB is terrified that her intentional concealing of her walked guns is going to do her in since she disregarded orders to report to DOJ and Congress.

Nearly the same culprits above her are on the hook for this. Chait knew about it so did Hoover and Melson. The new player is DAD East Julie Torres. She took O’Brien’s old DAD job when OB went to Tampa and has given OB carte blanche to do whatever she wants with little oversight.

Reportedly the shredders are buzzing.

It is beginning to look like all of this could be an Obamian plot to inflate  the number of illegal weapons into Mexico to gain support for new gun control legislation. Is it plausible that this adminstration would break the law to create a crisis that would help forward their agenda? We almost expect it from leftist extremist.  Just as we have little expectation that the MSM will pick up this story.

State Legislature is Packing it up.

Come and Take it: The Gonzales Flag

Its been a frantic 140 day in Austin, a tight budget, and redistricting, with a super majority in the House. We one some and we lost a few.

The Budget was passed and we didn’t have to dip deeply into the rainy day fund. There was a lot of pressure to dip into the rainy day fund but with Governor Perry’s insistence it was avoided.  60% of the budget will go to education. Continue reading State Legislature is Packing it up.

RIP: Campus Carry Bills

While the 83 Texas Legislative session prepares to close it looks like campus carry is dead at least  until the next time around in 2013. While the Bills made it out of  the committees it struggled in getting put out to the full floor.  Attempts were made to attach it to school financing bills, they were thwarted with POO. POO is acronym  jargon for Point Of Order and doesn’t really mean crap. While the right to keep and bear still moves forward with this session,  We did get the parking lot bill bill through, some gun range protection, and extended the MPA to boats.  Overall it hasn’t been bad for gun owners.

What killed the campus carry bills was the overwelming response from the states universities.  There is a lot of FUD  Fear Uncertainty and Doubt.

Fear: People are afraid of guns and the idea of guns on college campuses is frightening to a lot of people.  The truth is guns are carried by CHL holders all over Texas. We carry legally in malls, churches movie theaters and even in school parking lots grounds with never a incident. The people wqho would be allow to carry would be restricted to 21 year olds who have a clean record and training on the laws and responcibility of those who choose to carry.  CHL holders are amongst the safest group of people on the planet.

Uncertainty: “There will be blood running in the streets”, was the cry of the alarmist before the CHL laws were past in 1995, The crime rates dropped and the harshest critics of CHL Bills were converts to the success of the program.  There there is no logical reason to believe that the campuses will be only safer than they are currently. The campus carry bills were only going to allow those who are legally allowed to carry inside the buildings.  The opponents would make it sound like the class rooms would be filled with raging armed teenagers. of course the CHL requirements would still remain the same.

Doubt: While the history of the CHL program has shown that it is a positive influence, the elitist at the public universitys  talk of the unknown and how there is no certainty that a CHL holder would be able to stop a crazed (unlicensed ) attacker.

The biggest arguement is that universities 21 year olds aren’t equipted or as mature as other 21 year olds. Therefore they can’t handle guns in the classroom.

Maybe our public universities aren’t doing their job, and should be getting out of the business of preparing young minds for a future.  Defunding them might just be a step toward advancing civil rights.

Just sayin’

Why We Are Losing the Border Wars

A Border Patrol unit armed with beanbags was going after a seasoned Mexican gang that operates by robbing the goods from other gangs smuggling  people and drugs.  The Mexican bandit gang is armed with AK47s, The Border patrol has state of the art beanbags. The results predictable: Border Patrol Agent gets killed.

The documents say the group of illegal border entrants refused commands to drop their weapons after agents confronted them at about 11:15 p.m. Two agents fired beanbags at the migrants, who responded with gunfire. Two agents returned fire, one with a long gun and one with a pistol, but Terry was mortally wounded in the gunfight.

Border Patrol officials declined to answer questions about protocol for use of force, citing the ongoing investigation.

But Terry’s brother, Kent Terry, said the other agents who were there that night told him that they were instructed to use the non-lethal beanbags first. It’s a policy that doesn’t make sense to Kent Terry.

“You go up against a bandit crew that is carrying AKs, and you walk out there with guns loaded with beanbags – I don’t get it,” Terry said in a phone interview from Michigan. “It’s like going to the Iraqi war with one knife. It boggles my mind. … These guys (Border Patrol agents) are professionals; they should be able to use their judgment call on their own.”

On the night of the deadly encounter, agents were trying to apprehend at least five suspected illegal immigrants. One agent, using thermal binoculars, spotted two men carrying rifles. When the group came close, at least one agent identified himself as police and ordered the men to drop their weapons.

Here’s how the rest of the events are described in the FBI document:

“When the suspected aliens did not drop their weapons, two Border Patrol agents deployed ‘less than lethal’ beanbags at the suspected aliens. At this time, at least one of the suspected aliens fired at the Border Patrol agents. Two Border Patrol agents returned fire, one with his long gun and one with his pistol.

“Border Patrol agent Brian Terry was shot with one bullet and died shortly after. One of the suspected illegal aliens, later identified as Manuel Osorio-Arellanes, was also shot.”

Never bring beanbags to a gunfight.

A Texas Gunbill Wiki Page

I’ve noticed that we are getting search hits for the legislative agenda. particularly on issues regarding the 2nd amendment.  I set up a personal wiki which I am sharing with our blog readers, that might prove to be a usable resource Because its on my home server the IP address is subject to change without notice. Feel free to make any additions, clarifications or corrections.  I will maintain the address on this post when I notice it has changed. After the Legislative session is over I will break the link from this site. Please drop me line if the site becomes unavailable.


Adjusted  the IP address to the link 4/30/2011


Guns in the Classroom.

To many folks, encouraging or allowing teachers to be armed in the classroom is in an alarming idea, However Ed Kardauskas, a former police captain and current security expert, makes a particularly strong case for allowing teachers to arm themselves.

When you think about it, we face a similar challenge with fires and medical emergencies, but we approach those emergencies with much cooler heads and sound reasoning. We know that a small fire can grow into a very large and dangerous one in the short time it takes for the fire department to respond, and we recognize that immediate action can limit losses and save lives. We install sprinkler systems, place fire extinguishers throughout our buildings, and train some of our people to suppress the flames until professional help can arrive.  In medical mergencies, we know that someone whose heart or respiration have stopped will almost certainly die if we just wait for professional responders. We purchase first aid kits and AED’s, and train some of our personnel to stabilize and support injured and ill people until the paramedics can get to the scene.  When it comes to defending our school children from violence, we seem to have a collective blind spot. The fact is that we lose far more children each year to school shootings than we do to fires, yet very few institutions have an effective mitigation plan for the people most affected – those in immediate contact with the attacker. Not surprisingly, active shooters have historically been very successful in killing and injuring large numbers of victims in virtually every school they strike.

Unless we start doing something differently, we can expect this shameful state of affairs to continue. This should be a matter for deep concern for administrators, faculty, parents, campus police and security officers, and students alike.  Mr. Borsch’s research showed that about half the successful interventions were by unarmed persons at the scene when the incident began. They limited casualties because their counterattacks were applied right away by people who were already there. As you might expect, not all such courageous actions were successful since an unarmed defender must close to contact distance in order to affect the attacker, while the armed killer can deliver deadly force rapidly and at a distance. However, in the majority of such instances, these courageous individuals who took action on their individual initiative alone were far more effective in stopping attacks than the emergency plan elements that were in place at the time.

We do a lot of planning and spend a lot of money planning for safety in our schools.  Whether it be protection against a crazy man or a full blown terrorist action, armed teachers in the classroom, might be the best first response we have to offer to our children.

The Problem

To quote John Stewart…”Guns aren’t the problem, CRAZY is the problem”

Sarah Did It!

A madman shot 19 people and killed 6 and Gabrielle Giffords fights for her life today.  Rep. Giffords by all accounts was worthy of our respect and admiration.   That one man can wreak so much havoc is  at a place called “Safeway” is irony in its cruelest form.

Immediately following the initial reports the leftist pundits looked towards the right for blame.

Olberman blames Beck and Palin

Krugman blames Sara Palin, The Tea Party And Republicans in general

Charles Kuffner implies it might be the “violent rhetoric and imagry” that is involved in current day politics

This strikes me as kind of weird because Rep. Giffords isn’t from the hard left, and the leftist seem to have unleashed even stronger rhetoric against her. The link is now dead, but a screen capture can be found here

My CongressWOMAN voted against Nancy Pelosi! And is now DEAD to me!

Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords is dead to me now. I won’t lift a finger, make one phone call, nor will i EVER vote for her in the future. And why did she do this? Giffords never told me she was conservative Democrat. And her voting record is okay. Damn.

All these accusations from the left seems to suggest that the rhetoric is only coming from the conservatives. They don’t recall President Obama’s call to bring guns to a knife fight.

I don’t believe that the rhetoric is such a bad thing. Politics is somewhat warlike. After all the word campaign is military term, and a politicians attempt to get elected will require that politician to fire up the people, and get them emotionally involved.  Who is going to give money and time and work for a candidate if that candidate doesn’t emotionally inspire them.  Politics is war, and there are a lot more losers in every campaign than there are winners. Any references to fighting, battles, or even warfare seems appropriate. It is a fight of sorts over who gets to rule.

I noticed there was a flury of reports this morning of linking Jared Loughner to the  to “anti-Semitic race hate group American Renaissance”. Google found a magazine that that was similarly named, but its not clear there is any such organization.  After a quick flury the references have gone away, and I suspect that it was just an effort of the MSM to tie Loughner to some sort of right wing extremist group.

The quest to place blame is a leftist thing. They can’t accept that these are the soley the actions of a mad man, and that its possible he and not society that is completely to blame. Perhaps this is just one of things that happen in a free society.

But suppose that, instead of being hit by a bullet, Representative Giffords had been struck by a rock falling from space. It does happen occasionally, after all. And you know what? It happens about as often as an American politician is shot by a crazy person.

But that wouldn’t be anywhere near as interesting, because anyone who proposed that politicians never again have public meetings outdoors, or that a crash project  be undertaken to sweep the sky clean of meteoroids to make sure that one was never again hit by one, wouldn’t be taken seriously, or have op-eds published, or bills introduced to implement their ideas. They would instead be treated as the lunatics they would be. People with any sense would understand that life carries risk and uncertainties, and that we have to accept them, and get on with it in the face of them.

This is no different. People get randomly struck by lightning, and sometimes there are storms and lightning strikes in human minds, setting off events that are impossible to either predict or prevent. Just as we have to accept that sometimes rocks fall from the sky, or that sometimes a politician can keel over without warning from a previously undiagnosed heart condition, we also have to accept that in a free society, occasionally someone will snap, pick up a weapon, and use it. Though it is still early, that is what appears to have happened in this case.

Texas Gun Bills

Pulled from the new Texas Firearms Coalition’s new website is a list of the currently filed bills. The site will continue to monitor the status of these bills as they move through the process.

HB25 – By Guillen: Exempts watercraft from the general prohibitions on carrying a handgun in Texas Penal Code §46.02.  Status:  Pre-filed.  Good Bill

HB77 – By Flynn: Exempts watercraft from the general prohibitions on carrying a handgun in Texas Penal Code §46.02.  Status:  Pre-filed.  Good Bill

We are allowed to transport hand guns in our motor vehicles under certain conditions this will allow us to have handguns in our boats in Texas waterways. The handguns will be required to be concealed. and under control of the boat owner and operator.

HB86 – By Simpson : Campus-carry. Status:  Pre-filed. Good Bill

This is the big one,   To many the right of criminals to slaughter unchallenged outweighs the right of Licensed CHL holders carry just as they do just about everywhere else in Texas.  CHL holders are now allowed to carry on the property of college campuses, but not in the buildings, forcing them to leave their handguns in their cars.  CHL holders for the most part are over 21, and as group they have  very low crime rate.

HB145 – Laubenberg: Purports to exempt firearms, firearm accessories, and ammunition manufactured in Texas from federal regulations and laws. Status: Pre-filed Well-intended Bill.

I don’t know if this bill will have any real effect but it challenges the authority of the feds to regulate firearms that stay within Texas Borders.   I don’t know if the Feds will take this laying down, but it will prove interesting if  this bill makes it though. Montana has also passed such a law, Several states have similar bills pending.

HB175 – By Jackson (?): Dealing with alcohol licensing. Includes a provision to deny a liquor license to anyone with, inter alia, any firearms related offense within five years. Status:  Pre-filed. Neutral on bill.

This Bill deals with licensing with on-premises liquor establishments. I don’t know why firearms offences are brought up and treated any different than any other felonys.   If I understand this correctly a midomeaner gun offence could restrict someone from getting one of these licenses.

HB145 – By Miller, Sid:  Exempts firearms and ammunition from Texas sales tax.  Status:  Pre-filed. Good Bill .

This is a session where the budget is tight, and any restricting of revenues is going to be looked at at closely. I wonder what the motivation of this bill is? Is it just to reassure the status of gun ownership a constitutional right?  Personally I would rather see things like school supplies or toiletries put on the exempt list.

This might be to protect folks involved in face to face private gun sales from being persecuted over not paying taxes, particularly at gun shows.

HB190 – By Walle:  Allows certain counties to regulate noise generated by loud speakers.  Status:  Pre-filed.  Neutral on billCAVEAT:  Watch bill for firearms related amendments.

The warnings on this relate to gun ranges, Any allowances for anti-gun ordinances has to be looked at carefully.

HB242 – By Craddick (R A): Requires law enforcement agencies to issue retired credentials to honorably retired officers. Status:  Pre-filed.  Good Bill.

This would ensure that retired LEOs to their right to not only carry in Texas, but in the rest of the country.  Retired officers could be targeted by vengeful criminals whom they may have crossed during their careers.

HB356 – By Burnam (D F): Requires Texas Residents to have a Texas CHL to carry in Texas. Status:  Pre-filed.  Bad Bill.

Another bill designed to strip folks from the right to bear arms.

Senate Bills

SB294 – By Hinojosa:  Requires DPS and TABC to study feasibility of check points to search for firearms, drugs and contraband in vehicles leaving Texas and entering Mexico.  Check points must be within 1 mile of the border.  Guardedly neutral on Bill. CAVEAT:  Watch bill for detrimental amendments.

While we wish to protect our border and believe we need to give the tools to Law enforcement Agencys. We should have the RKBA thought the whole nation including the last mile.  This bill seems to be intended on protecting Mexico’s right to disarm its citizens, I don’t believe we should be contributing assisisting in stripping the stripping rights of these people. The Texas Firearms Rights Coalition and the TSRA are single issue organizations. This seems like it has to many constitutional and civil rights issues to be allowed to turn into law.

There will be other bills added, most notably is the Parking Lot Bill, which will permit employees to keep their arms in their cars while they work.

Brian Aitken Free.

Brian Aitken got caught up in a perfect storm of a screwball Judge,  an overzealous prosecuting attorney and unreasonable gun laws. Today justice is served.

New Jersey’s governor Chris Christie set Brian Aitken free today, correcting a great injustice at the hands of New Jersey police, prosecutors, and courts.

RKBA hasn’t been one of Governor Chris Christie’s biggest priorities, we are glad that he has stepped in in to repair a great injustice.  New Jersey is lucky to have him as their leader.

We hope Brian Aitken and his family have a very merry Christmas.