RIP: Campus Carry Bills

While the 83 Texas Legislative session prepares to close it looks like campus carry is dead at least  until the next time around in 2013. While the Bills made it out of  the committees it struggled in getting put out to the full floor.  Attempts were made to attach it to school financing bills, they were thwarted with POO. POO is acronym  jargon for Point Of Order and doesn’t really mean crap. While the right to keep and bear still moves forward with this session,  We did get the parking lot bill bill through, some gun range protection, and extended the MPA to boats.  Overall it hasn’t been bad for gun owners.

What killed the campus carry bills was the overwelming response from the states universities.  There is a lot of FUD  Fear Uncertainty and Doubt.

Fear: People are afraid of guns and the idea of guns on college campuses is frightening to a lot of people.  The truth is guns are carried by CHL holders all over Texas. We carry legally in malls, churches movie theaters and even in school parking lots grounds with never a incident. The people wqho would be allow to carry would be restricted to 21 year olds who have a clean record and training on the laws and responcibility of those who choose to carry.  CHL holders are amongst the safest group of people on the planet.

Uncertainty: “There will be blood running in the streets”, was the cry of the alarmist before the CHL laws were past in 1995, The crime rates dropped and the harshest critics of CHL Bills were converts to the success of the program.  There there is no logical reason to believe that the campuses will be only safer than they are currently. The campus carry bills were only going to allow those who are legally allowed to carry inside the buildings.  The opponents would make it sound like the class rooms would be filled with raging armed teenagers. of course the CHL requirements would still remain the same.

Doubt: While the history of the CHL program has shown that it is a positive influence, the elitist at the public universitys  talk of the unknown and how there is no certainty that a CHL holder would be able to stop a crazed (unlicensed ) attacker.

The biggest arguement is that universities 21 year olds aren’t equipted or as mature as other 21 year olds. Therefore they can’t handle guns in the classroom.

Maybe our public universities aren’t doing their job, and should be getting out of the business of preparing young minds for a future.  Defunding them might just be a step toward advancing civil rights.

Just sayin’

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