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Blogging is something I do for myself. I've been blogging since Sept. 2003, mostly about politics, guns, and observations about the word around me.


I remember Station Wagons. I remember gas cheaper than a quarter a gallon, Filling up  for 4 Bucks. I remember when 20mpg was considered great millage. I remember long distance phone calls. I remember when computers were the size of … Continue reading

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Outsiders Wanting In

Have we become a nation of crybabies? Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump have never really been supportive or worked with the political parties they are attempting to win as their parties candidate. What are these parties? We have a party … Continue reading

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Naming Your Poison at the Beach.

Bare footed Spring breakers are in for some hurt, when they visit our beaches during the next couple of weeks. We noticed last week while strolling the beach quite a few Man O’Wars washed up below the high tide line. … Continue reading

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Campaign Funds

So Sanders opposes lobbyist contributing to political campaigns.  He speaks against hypocrisy. He shamelessly accepts money from those whom hope to gain his favor. You might not think the National Cannabis Industry Association, International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers and National … Continue reading

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One of the benefits of retiring is that I am no longer required to use Microsoft Outlook. At home I have never used Outlook, except to check my work account from home. I’ve been using Thunderbird now for at least … Continue reading

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Spreading Myself Around.

A post here a post there. I I’ve been doing a little blogging about, or maybe it was some web maintenance. The good people that I work for, Process Control Outlet,  have a blog that we used to keep pretty … Continue reading

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Armed Adventure in NY

Elizabeth Enderli,  a Marine Veteran, wanted to visit and pay her respects at the New York 911 memorial with her friend. She ran into a problem Elizabeth Anne Enderli, 31, had no idea her Texas concealed-carry permit was null in … Continue reading

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What is it with this rainbow thing? What does it have to do who you have sex with? and why are we calling people gay, The homosexuals get depressed as much if not more than normal people. Who is rewriting … Continue reading

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Visitors to the Patio

I had some visitors yesterday, they stopped they drank and dined.  They graciously thanked me when they flitted off. They were humingbirds. I was sitting out on my patio, listing to traffic on my amateur radio, reading a kindle book, … Continue reading

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An Austin Visit

Went to Austin for a couple of days to the National Safety Council Convention and made a visit the State house.  I made a few observations. In Texas a rifle is considered to be safety equipment. A few of the … Continue reading

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