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Just because your paranoid doesn’t mean they aren’t out to get you.  .The headlines have made us even more aware that the government is they are spying on us. And scholars such as law professor  Glenn Harlan Reynolds, the Instapundit warns us of the Ham

Locking it up and making things secure

Locking it up and making things secure

Sandwich Nation: Due Process where everything is a crime. We know they are watching yet we act as though we are helpless to do anything about it.  Talking to an accountant or discussing income that the government believes should be reported could cause us to to be looked at a little more closely.  Could a trail of emails with a TEA party group cause us to get audited. Its not only the Government  but our email providers might be looking in and selling or using this information to target us for spam or what ever.

We can lock down some of our activities. And one such tool is PGP and GPG.  and using such tools such as enigma can lock down emails by making sure that our received emails are sent by the person who claims they sent it.. PGP encryption and signing isn’t anything new.  I found some of my old public keys on old keyservers dating back to 1997 and was invented by Phil Zimmerman at around 1991.

Its not so simple to set up. a workable encryption system. I set up using GPA which is part of the free GPG4Win suite.  This is used to create the keys, publish them to key servers and  encrypt files  I have been using Thunderbird for ages, what is needed is the plugin for to tie it all together. Enigma is the plugin that ties it all together

Below is my public key, use it if you want to send me an encrypted message and/or signed message.   I’m curious to find out if .there is any  increased interest in security after the NSA and IRS scandals.  Me ??? I just want to be prepared just in case.


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