Occupiers are the privileged 1 percent

Don Surber remarks that the Occupy folks are the real 1 percenters.  They don’t work and have  trashed and stunk up their environment wherever they  show up.  They have feeling of entitlment, but don’t really want to do anything but lay around and maybe beat a few drums.  I mentioned before that they are upset about some of the same things that triggered the beginings of the TEA party that they look down on with so much disdain. The Occupiers are doing more alienating than winning over.  They are destroying parks and behaving badly, and what few solutions they have to offer are outright goofy. As Don points out:

Now let us get a few things straight about who these loony goons are. For the most part they are spoiled rotten brats who took out huge loans to pay for four years of self-indulgence at some over-rated liberal arts college. Somehow, they were able to spend a few months in the fall camping out and protesting against the working class while not working themselves.

They are in that upper 1% who do not have to work.

Now it appears that they are attacking dock workers and commuter, by blocking the ports on the West Coast and blocking traffic in Houston. Once again we observers are wondering “What’s the point?”.  It apears the people they really are going after and trying to hurt is the commuter, truck drivers, and port workers. The typical blue collar worker the left and the unions claim are trying to protect.

The protest in Houston was an attempt to snarl traffic and cause more pollution and working class people losing lost wages.  These idiots aren’t making friends or support for their cause.  The occupiers in Oakland Ca, are even bolder, they blocked all traffic coming and going into the port.  Causing people to miss their shifts and lose their pay.  I doubt if any of the Wall Street moguls noticed or even cared.

The companies that operate the 26 berths at the nation’s fifth-busiest container port told longshore workers not to report for the 7 p.m. evening shift – effectively halting work for the next eight hours and preventing 100 to 200 employees from earning the pay they would have received on a typical shift.

“We are ecstatic with the results,” said Milo Avery, 22, of Oakland. “This day is the culmination of a lot of hard work. It’s a historic and momentous step in this movement.”

These aren’t the same longshore workers of years gone by, The Teamsters and longshore workers would have busted some heads, and still have made it to work on time.  I guess we are just more civilized these days. All the same it just seem very prudent for a bunch of near do wells to take on longshoremen in the streets.

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