Not Getting the Message Delivered

Just as Sarah Palin is so effective at delivering a message, Rick Perry, not so good. Last night he drew a blank trying to recall the third agency he would like to dispose of.  The media focus is on the delivery. A shame, his plan to get rid of the Department of Education. The Department of Commerse, and the Department of Energy is bold and would make a huge difference in our economy. The concept deserves debate and discussion, instead we focus on Perry forgetting the name of the third agency he wants to nuke.  Meanwhile Romney is declared to have done well in all the debates, but so far I haven’t heard any plans or ideas make us more prosperous and freer.

We are looking for a leader not a preacher.

Any one notice that the one guy who has a good message and great delivery, is the Newt, and he doesn’t seem to have much of a chance.   Also the Perry gaff did show a rare side of Ron Paul, He does have a sense of humor.



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