Zombies on the Mainland

Causeway warning

Warning for Those Leaving the Island

While leaving the Island this morning we were warned of zombies.  The sign was apparently hacked.  I was appreciative of the warning.

According to the Houston Chronicle , The Texas Department of Transportation takes these types of pranks seriously. Usually a lock is broken on the sign to make changes to it. If the pranksters are caught, the state says they can be fined up to $500.

Matt Barnette, one of our Facebook fans, joked about the photo. He said, “It’s not a prank if it’s true. Take a look at your fellow commuters during rush hour.”

Update 4/29/2011:

Michael Smith of the Galveston Daily News informs us that while this may all be a hoax we should remember some pointers just in case.

Then again, these reports could all be the product of a duped media dimwittedly buying the great zombie cover-up, in which case you’ll want to visit this site.

And remember: Your best shot is a headshot.

Only in Texas 😉



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