Resisting the Opressers

The Jews today are celebrating the Passover Holidays. It is a celebration of overcoming those who would oppress them just because of who they are.  History often repeats itself, and in World War II the Nazis set forth to destroy them as a people.  Dave Koppel tells the story.

Contrary to myth of Jewish passivity, many Jews did fight back during the Holocaust. They shut down the extermination camp at Sobibor, rose up in the Warsaw Ghetto, and fought in the woods and swamps all over Eastern Europe. Indeed, Jews resisted at a higher rate than did any other population under Nazi rule. The experience of the Holocaust shows why Jews, and all people of good will, should support the right of potential genocide victims to possess defensive arms, and refutes the notion that violence is necessarily immoral.

The need for citizens to be well armed and willing to fight back against those who destroy us is clearly laid out.  There are people out there who wish to destroy those who don’t worship the same way they do.   If we don’t fight back, we lose it all. Read the whole thing.

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