Verison Picks Up the IPhone

Verison Wireless announced that they will now offer the Apple  iPhone, consumers won’t have top sacrifice decent service to get the  kewl phone.

IPhone users have long complained about dropped calls and poor service on AT&T’s network, even as the carrier boosted spending to improve coverage. A Consumer Reports survey last month ranked Verizon’s network as most reliable among the major carriers and AT&T’s as the worst.

Verizon and and Sprint are left with Androids and traditional phones.

Smaller carriers like No. 3 Sprint and No. 4 T-Mobile could be harder hit, however.

“This is the worst case scenario for the other carriers,” said Roger Entner of Recon Analytics. “When Verizon comes out with the iPhone, there’s only one carrier in the U.S. that will gain customers, and that’s Verizon.”

I will still be using my new Android with, T-Mobile.

Update: Its not official yet, but the WSJ has been pretty acurate about all things Apple. More can be found here. Thanks Doug!

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2 Responses to Verison Picks Up the IPhone

  1. HDSnoopy says:

    Yay! Competition is good! I’ll still stay with AT&T as I have had no complaints since switching almost tow years ago.

  2. Liberty says:

    AT&T is terrible here, almost as bad as Sprint. Around here once you go into the boonies Verizon and T-mobile rule. Tmobile works real well for me cause I work in a steel building where no service that works. I still get full service over the company’s wifi.
    Verizon won’t likely be as overwhelmed either on their digital network.. They won’t get the initial surge that AT&T got, and they have been gearing up with laptop and Android Phone services anyway. I really don’t understand the exclusivity thing though. The Apple / AT&T agreement was the best thing that ever happened to HTC.

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