Taking ownership of the TEA Partys

The Tea Party’s came in like a lion. Full of enthusiasm, wanting to change the world.  At My first TEA party at Clear Lake, the Themes were about limited spending less taxes, and less government and more freedom.  They talked about a more constitutional government and the accountability of those who serve us.  In fact they sounded a lot like libertarians.

I suppose it was inevitable, because we wanted less taxes. We got support from some of the conservative Republicans.  The problem with a lot of these guys is that aren’t exactly in tune with less government interference,  nor necessarily in tune with less spending.  The TEA party understood that true long term lowered taxaxes is only achieved with less government.

Dan Patrick the Tomball area State Senator, is a conservative. Who has a conservative agenda. While he puts forward limiting taxes such as property Taxes and Franchise taxes, he doesn’t seem to have many ideas on where and how to cut spending.  He does propose getting more government involved in communications between a pregnant women and their doctors.

Senator Dan Patrick announced that his sonogram legislation will receive the bill number Senate Bill 16.

SB 16, known as “The Sonogram Bill,” will require abortion providers to offer a patient a sonogram of her child, an explanation of the child’s current state of development, and the opportunity to hear the heartbeat before the abortion procedure. However, the patient can decline receiving these services. The sonogram bill is key to ensure that women are better informed about the decision to obtain an abortion.

When Dan Patrick wrote this bill he made a clear statement of where he lies in the conservative / libertarian spectrum.  There has never been a doubt. True conservatives  have never bought into the idea of limiting government when it comes to social issues.  It’s not really fair to find fault with him for aligning himself with tyhese issues. Dan Patrick ran on and got elected on these issues. The point is that he isn’t a Libertarian, and his politics aren’t well aligned with the original intention of the TEA partys.

So why did he form up the legislative TEA party Caucus of Texas?  He when he obviously isn’t interested in a government with less influence in our lives. The answers may be found in the press release that announced the Tea Party Caucus.

The goal for the Tea Party Advisory Board is to lead in this endeavor. The vision is to have theTea Party board members develop their own legislative agenda and for the caucus to help themmove it forward wherever possible. The goal of the legislative caucus is to help Tea Partyorganizers take the success that they have achieved at the ballot box and pass conservative legislation.

Its about pushing a conservative agenda, and moving away from the more liberal social agenda and associating the TEA party people with the conservative Republicans.  While one might argue that this is just an attempt to find common ground and has nothing to do with shaping a TEA party agenda. I think it might be worthwhile for the different TEA partys arouhnd the country to ask, “If they are shaping the Republican party, or is the Repubublican party shaping them.  Where once libertarian Ron Paul spoke spoke for the Clear Lake Tea Party it is now ultra conservative Dan Patrick. It is time that  The Tea partys need to decide what they really stand for.

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2 Responses to Taking ownership of the TEA Partys

  1. Joseph Shannon says:

    I believe that Mr. Patrick is attempting is to make it harder for a woman to want an abortion. Once thay see and hear the baby inside them, the less likely they will be to kill it.

  2. Dick Hamilton says:

    There are many thoughts feelings and beliefs that leaders, whether they be from local or federal government, the Workplace, social organizations or the Tea Party, would like to impress upon us and have us support them in their cause or candidates. This NOT what
    I see as the American way by law or by personal belief. This is certainly NOT my way of thinking nor that of most of my close friends.

    We as individuals should be capable of discerning between qualified and non-qualified information on a particular subject or issue, making a sensible decision and taking action to implement that decision whether it be by voting, supporting or any other necessary action to protect or enact rulings that will build on the American way of life.

    In other words I do not believe we need someone else to tell us how to live our life. We do need to come together to protect, sustain and support our families and communities and thus need a common set of rules and support teams. But the more local control we have over our own community the better.

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