Eating Healthy

On my desk there is a big bag of Kettle Potato Chips.  They have listed on the back:

  • 0 grams trans fat
  • No MSG
  • Only all natural colors and flavors
  • Only all natural oils
  • No preservatives
  • Non-GMO ingrediants
  • Gluten free
  • Real food ingredients

I am so glad to find out they are actually good for me!

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3 Responses to Eating Healthy

  1. HDSnoopy says:

    I would think you were just as happy to know it’s “Real food”

  2. Liberty says:

    Potato Chips is one of those foods that create happy. Slim Jim’s and potato chips are real meat and potatoes.

  3. Equality says:

    My NY resolution is to make you miserable – in a culinary fashion lol
    No one can live forever on a diet of slim jims and potato chips, no matter how much you want to – you forgot the chocolate chip cookies and ice cream! You need to be more “rounded” 🙂

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