California Banning Light Bulbs

The imbecilic are in charge in California, While state crumbles under the weight of massive debt. The state concentrates on banning 100 Watt incandescent Light bulbs. They start phasing them out next month.

The state of liberal bastion, California, will start phasing out the 100-watt incandescent light bulb on Jan. 1, 2011. By the beginning of the year 2012, it will be gone from sale in stores. Specialty lights that use less than 40 watts and more than 150 watts, and three-way bulbs are exempt, but will later be required to use less energy.

California wants to get a head start in banning this bulb because they claim state regulations will reduce energy consumption.

Rather than address the massive debt or the pension balloons bursting Californians continue to to vote for leftist who worry more about light bulbs than they do about their budgets, or even whether how much less fossil fuels will be burned  will by banning the horrific light bulbs.  How much mercury will we be exposing our children too, and whether  burning fossil fuels is really such a bad thing. The folks in New England this weekend are undergoing a huge blizzard, and surely could use a bit of global warming.

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  1. Anders Hoveland says:

    The new compact fluorescent bulbs actually are NOT good for the environment. And I am not just talking about the small ammount of mercury released when these bulbs break in the garbage truck or landfill. No one seems to be addressing how much energy and pollution it takes to make these new bulbs in China, a country with few environmental regulations that are rarely enforced. And then there is the fact that these “energy efficient” bulbs will NOT save any energy in colder climates. All forms of lighting are actually 100% efficient, it is just that some give off more of their energy in the form of heat than others. If people in the Northern half of the USA switch to energy efficient lights, they are just going to spend more energy heating their homes. For comparison, lighting consumes about 10% of a home’s energy consumption. Heating consumes 40% on average!

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