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Whew, The Election is over,  and its time to cover other things.

There has been talk that blogs are old news.  Today it’s Facebook and Twitter. I’ve mentioned before that the Blogosphere isn’t the same anymore.  The conservative blog Lonestar Times pulled stakes.   The RightHaven Suits frightened them off.  Charles Kuffner tells us he has no plans on quiting.

There’s been talk that blogs are over and Twitter and Facebook are king. I meant to say something about this issue when the end of Bitch Ph.D was announced, since that was an important blog for me and many other people. I think it’s only half-right to say that the day of the blog is done.

No matter what alternative venues might come into existence, many blogs were going to have finite lifespans. Even group blogs are not really publications with an identity that stands apart from their authors, into which new authors can come and old ones depart while the blog continues steadily along. Any blog makes sense only at a particular time in its author’s (or authors) life. They’re hard to maintain. At some point, either the author either moves on to some other kind of writing or publication, gets too busy to maintain it, or simply feels worn out by the exposure and repetition involved in long-form online writing.

As long as I got a computer, a net connection and a Web Server I’m going to keep posting.

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Blogging is something I do for myself. I've been blogging since Sept. 2003, mostly about politics, guns, and observations about the word around me.
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