Link Dump!

Thanksgiving weekend brings out some of the best postings:

We Are All Safer Now: Willie Nelson busted for pot (in other news, sun rises in east)

It’s Official — Americans Better Off Living On Welfare Than Earning A Middle Class Wage


To improve family dinner table discussions.

Tired of relatives doing their Rush Limbaugh impression at the Thanksgiving table? Come prepared: Use our cheat sheet.

When Will AARP, Consumers Union and AMA Be Held To Account for Obamacare?

  • AARP Rides To Obamacare’s Rescue, Again
  • Alphabet Soup of Health Care Delusions
  • AARP Shills for Kennedy
  • AARP Prepares To Sell Out Seniors
  • Consumer Reports’ Specious Stand On Health Care Reform
  • Consumer Reports’ Massive Fail
  • AARP and Consumers Union Should Put Their Money Where Their Pro-Tax Mouths Are
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