Keeping Secrets

Irony found at the Instapundit:

DAVID BERNSTEIN ON WIKILEAKS: “The harm to U.S. diplomatic and military interests is said to be quite large. I’m glad Koh is sending Julian Assange of Wikileaks a stern letter of reprimand, that will show him! Who said the Obama Administration wasn’t tough enough to protect American interests?”

UPDATE: Reader David Shimm emails:

Why is it that Wikileaks has been able to publish all kinds of classified State Dept. documents, but Obama’s Occidental, Columbia, and Harvard Law transcripts still remain confidential? Maybe we should have a university registrar’s office consult with the US government to assure that secrets remain secret? I’m just wondering, that’s all.

In my experience, university registrars are formidable and competent. Apparently the same can’t be said for the folks entrusted with our national secrets.

Most folks seem to be focused on Assange, a few are blaming  Manning, the PFC that actually leaked this stuff. The real blame lies with whoever made the decision to allow so much classified information to be accessible by hundreds of thousands.  Secrets that are shared by hundreds of thousands are not  real secrets.

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