Texas over Illinois for new Caterpillar factory

In this economy the competition for Jobs is tough, This is true on a larger scale, company’s find that different places and different states all have something to offer.Victoria TX has  hot steamy summers and  work force that doesn’t rely on unions.  Chicago has Unions and their bosses, a corrupt political machine, cold nasty winters, high taxes and a high cost of living.  Caterpiller made their decision,

The new plant will employ about 500 when it opens in mid-2012. Aurora isn’t expected to lose jobs, however, because of Caterpillar’s recently announced plans to build hydraulic mining shovels there.

It’s the second time Caterpillar has shuffled some work from Illinois to Texas. Two years ago, the company chose Seguin, Texas, to make engines that previously were manufactured in Mossville, near Cat’s Peoria headquarters.

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