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What Happened!!

We got our ass kicked. We are left scratching our heads and wondering, How could we lose? Obama has trashed the economy, discarded our international leadership, lead us into a $16 trillion debt. That is mostly owned to Communist Red … Continue reading

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The Chic-Fil-A Eatin in.

I thought about going, to Chick-Fil-A for lunch today, As a protest against heavy handed censorious mayors Menino and Rahm. Some seem to using the event as a statement  against gay people and them getting married. While it’s not an … Continue reading

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NBC and Twitter Conspire to Censorship.

Posting the email address cost Tweeter his account. Guy Adams is pretty upset with NBCs Olympic coverage and the way it is handling the time shifted coverage, and hasn’t been shy about letting the world know.  He holds Gary Zenkel, the … Continue reading

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Protesting SOPA and PIPA, and Going Black

Tomorrow his website and my wiki will be going black in protest of the Legislation known as SOPA or PIPA.  These pieces of legislation are designed to give the government complete control over internet access. The experts are in almost … Continue reading

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Weird things in the News: Marin County California Makes tough anti-tobacco stance but makes clear exception for marijuana: Marin’s war on smoking was blunted Tuesday as a measure cracking down on tobacco and other “weed” was sent back for revision to make … Continue reading

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Not Getting the Message Delivered

Just as Sarah Palin is so effective at delivering a message, Rick Perry, not so good. Last night he drew a blank trying to recall the third agency he would like to dispose of.  The media focus is on the … Continue reading

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Delivering a Message.

Sarah Palin, Some people love her, while some people hate her, but there is no doubt that she is a powerful speaker and very few can deliver the message as well as she does, The Republican presidential hopefuls could learn … Continue reading

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Electric Vehicles a Household Fire Hazzard.

Seems like the at home Seimens charging units for the new electric cars may be burning down the owners homes. After a house fire in Mooresville, NC which started in the home’s garage was traced the the area near a … Continue reading

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Dennis Ritchie the Giant Who Shaped the Future

On Oct. 7th Dennis Ritchie quietly passed away. Most people probably didn’t notice nor knew who he was.  This was the man that Co-invented Unix and invented the C Language. Some people (myself included) have never used used or owned … Continue reading

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We Lost a Giant

I am not an Apple fan, but there is no denying that Steve Jobs was a great leader, and that he pushed the entire industry into being something better.  He was a man driven to give the world things that … Continue reading

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