Going Forth Local Number Breakdown – May 12th

As we go forth, to get a little sunshine, fresh air, and a change of scenery.  During the week we will head towards the beach or shoreline.  Shopping is done early in the morning.  A lot of people aren’t wearing masks and the beaches are busy on the weekends.  This weekend is supposed to be a bit stormy. Maybe this will keep down the crowds.

I reran the numbers from the Texas Department of State Health Services (DSHS) to get a more recent visual on how the Wuflu is processing. The charts are all from Data collected up until May 12th.


May 12th Data

This is a chart of accumulated cases in Texas  There seems to be an increase in the trend. Cities like San Antonio and Dallas/Fort worth seem to be driving the upward numbers.  There has been an increase in the amount of testing throughout the state.

Harris County

The Harris County (Houston) numbers reflect a different trend.

Harris County New Cases

The chart seems to indicate a leveling off, and perhaps a downward trend. It should be noted that Houston is the fourth largest Metroplex in America.  Much of it is spread out and there is limited public transportation.

Galveston County

Galveston County with a population of  342,000 seems to be doing a little better.

Galveston County Daily Cases

This chart indicates that we in Galveston aren’t doing too bad. It’s worth noting that Galveston has a lot of people employed in the healthcare industry.  So far there have been 691 cases in the County of which 197 cases were in senior care facilities.  UTMB medical facility employs 3,000 people has had 60 cases, most of whom had been identified early in the pandemic.  Galveston Island itself which includes Jamaica Beach has had a total of 54 confirmed cases.

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Riding Out COVID-19 In Galveston

Although I haven’t heard of any official pronouncements. I think the pandemic has crested here in the state of Texas and in Galveston County.  Although testing has increased, the reported cases are headed in a downward direction at least for now. The Downward trend is consistent for Texas,  Galveston County and larger neighboring Harris County(Houston)

The following charts track the reported days 1-45 which correspond to March 4th to April 19th. The data is pulled from the Texas Department of State Health Services (DSHS)

New Cases in Texas

There have been a total of of 18923  cases in Texas. With a population of 30,541,978.   0.06% of the population have been reported infected,

The following chart is of Harris County,   A much larger county that will have a direct effect on the smaller and neighboring Galveston.  As Harris Counties numbers go up or down we can expect Galveston’s number to reflect the changes.

Harris County daily new cases.

There have been a total of 4653 cases  with a population of 4,885,616. 0.10% of the population have been reported infected,

The next chart is of Galveston County.

Daily Cases in Galveston

There have been a total of 450 cases within a population of 335,006. 0.13% of the population have been reported infected,

Because the numbers are lower the chart numbers will be a little choppier.

It’s a little early to be sure, but I believe the numbers are showing a decline in the number of cases.  We have accelerated the testing program, so we are catching more cases than we were earlier.  So the decay may be actually more dramatic than is shown here.

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Banning The AR15

The AR 15 has been a controversial firearm in recent months. Recent mass shootings have put the AR 15 in focus and much of the blame has been put on the modern weapon. What is an AR15, and what purpose do they serve the modern sportsman?  How are they different from other commonly used rifles.


The AR 15 was developed by Eugene Stoner for the company Armalite. The design intention was to develop a combat weapon that was accurate lightweight and capable of replacing the M-14. The designation AR15, means that is derived from being the 15th design for Armalite

It was Colt that developed the military version known s the M16 and the civilian version which kept the label AR-15. The M16 was capable of both semi-automatic and fully automatic mode. The M16 has evolved into the M-4 a shorter version with a 16 inch barrel that has the option with the selector switch of semiautomatic or 3 round burst mode. Todays AR-15 has evolved into todays most popular firearm in America that is flexible inexpensive to own and shoot as well as accurate. The M16 and its military derivatives remain illegal and unavailable for civilian use except under some very limited situations.

What Is an AR 15 ?

The AR15 is a lightweight, 5.56×45mm, magazine-fed, gas-operated semi-automatic rifle. It was designed to be manufactured with the extensive use of aluminum alloys and synthetic materials resulting  in a lightweight, intermediate cartridge magazine-fed, air-cooled rifle with a rotating lock bolt, actuated by direct impingement gas operation.

Todays AR 15 comprises of the following componants.

  1. An Upper Assemblyis basically the barrel  and the reciever with the bolt assembly
  2. A Lower assembly which consists of the Magazine receiver, trigger and housing sear and hammer
  3. .Furniture which is the traditionally rails the  plastic pieces such as the Handguard and shoulder stock.
  4. Accessories which are the optonal devices such as opticss, sights flashlights and  slings.

According to the BATF the only part that is considered a firearm is the lower.

The AR-15 is often referred to as a high powered rifle. This is false.  The AR-15 uses a  5.56 x 45 (or .223 cal) cartridge. Which is low powered by most rifle standards. It is a souped up .22,  Most gun enthusiast would classify the AR 15 as an intermediate powered weapon.

It’s because of the smaller cartridge size that it becomes high capacity. The same holds true with handguns, a 9mm Glock 17uses 17 round Magazines, While a traditional Colt 1911 magazine typically is 7 Rounds. The rule of thumb is smaller ammo – larger capacity. Larger more devesting ammo is less capacity.

Scout vs AR15 Magazines

The picture above shows a comparison, from left to right of a 30 round AR mag vs a 20 rnd Mag vs a 10 Round .308 magazine.  It’s because the smaller less powerful bullet allows for stuffing more of them into a magazine that the magazines become “High capacity”.

The AR 15 is modular, which accounts for it’s different appearance. It doesn’t have the sleek wooden stock of other rifles, and has a lot of polymer that makes it lightweight and adaptable. The buttstock is adjustable which makes it adaptable for shooters of all sizes.

The AR 15 is semiautomatic, or autoloading. The technology is 100 years old and is used in all sorts of handguns rifles .22 caliber and shotguns.  An autoloader simply reloads another round after a shot is fired. Every shot must be prefaced by an independent trigger pull.

Why an AR-15?

The interwebs have been flooded on social media with the proclamation,” Nobody needs an AR-15?”

The truth is that probably nobody needs an AR15.  It just happens to be very well suited for a variety of uses. It has become America’s most popular rifle. The National Shooting Sports Foundation estimates there are roughly 5 million to10 million AR-15 rifles owned in the United States,   There is nothing inherent in the AR -15 that makes it more dangerous than any other gun. The AR does have many features that make it desirable to a wide range of gun owners.

Hunters like them because of the light weight and accuracy, The Magazines can be smaller capacity, for shooting coyotes and feral hogs.  The high accuracy is useful for groundhogs and prairie dog. The small caliber is suitable for smaller deer that can be found in the south.

The AR 15 is popular in rural areas for home protection because of its inherent maneuverability. It has more range than a shotgun or handgun, and useful for protecting one’s home and property, against two or four legged predators. Ranchers have found the AR-15 useful, it doesn’t take up in a 4 wheeler, or pickup truck accurate, and capable of just about any assignment it is called upon.

The shooting range is where most AR-15s get their workout.  The ammo and gun are inexpensive and allows one to shoot more. The more one shoots the more shooters get proficient.  A good AR-15 can be bought for around $500 dollars, a lot less than most high powered rifles.  The AR-15 has been described as a Barbie doll for men, or as the Lego of guns. It is very customizable, Furniture and accessories can be swapped out and added as desired. Adjustable stocks fit shooter of all size, and the light recoil is painless to the recoil sensitive.


The recent school shooting in Florida has many people calling for a ban on the so called “assault rifles” or specifically the AR-15.  I hoped to show that the AR-15 is not unique from many another commonly accepted gun. It isn’t more powerful, nor any more deadly than any other gun. There are more crimes committed with handguns than with all rifles. The support to ban the AR-15 is nothing more than a thinly veiled attempt to ban all guns.

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Harvey is Coming.

Dawn on Galveston

Harvey is coming, and as usual, his arrival is full of hype and breathless reporting locally and nationally.   so far it is still just a depression and hasn’t formed into an official tropical storm. Yet.

A Hurricane Watch and Storm Surge Watch is posted for much of the coast of Texas, as Tropical Depression Harvey treks northwestwards at 9 mph over the Gulf of Mexico. An Air Force hurricane hunter plane found that Harvey had reorganized into a tropical cyclone on Wednesday morning, with a large, disorganized closed surface circulation and top winds to 35 mph. Harvey is expected to intensify into a strong tropical storm or Category 1 hurricane that will bring dangerous flooding rains in excess of 10” to Texas late this week. This Hurricane Watch is the first for any part of Texas since Hurricane Ike in 2008.

Precipitation Prediction.

Landfall is expected to be near Corpus Christi. pretty far away.  The thing with this storm is that it is unorganised and expected to move very slowly.  It’s expected to drop a lot of rain. What it also means is that we don’t expect much in the way of hurricane force winds or an overwelming tidal surge. Just a lot of rain over 3 or 4 days. This isn’t going to be an Ike or a Rita at least in this area.

We have a personal policy of evacuation and doing it early under any serious threat. Harvey so far poses no such threat to us. Galveston is an Island flat and exposed to the Gulf of Mexico. Real tidal surges and hurricane force winds are dangerous to us, but we can handle lots of rain pretty well,   Rain will pretty much just run off into the Gulf.  The real threat is to the Mainland, Houston is flat and lots of poorly drained areas. 10 inches or more of rain and there will be flooding of highways and neighbourhoods.  There is no place for the water to go.

So how bad will it get in Galveston?  Mostly it’s gonna be wet and miserable. We plan on staying home unless there is a good break in the weather. If we do venture out it probably won’t be off Island. With this much rain we are likely to lose power, hopefully, it will be momentary.  The likely hood of us losing power isn’t so much a reflection on the severity of Harvey, but the unreliable power we have on the Island. As long as there aren’t any widespread power outages on the Mainland any power outages will be brief.  Long term power outages are awfully uncomfortable here.  Losing TV, lights and internet isn’t so bad, but not having air conditioning in Texas in August would be very uncomfortable.


We want to Sams club and picked up a few things. a case of 28 bottles of spring water. The same water we normally drink.  Some canned chicken meat mayo. beer and wine.  Got some eggs and cheese at the grocery stores.  Both cars are topped off just in case we decide later to evacuate. I have several flashlights and lamps that are rechargeable, and have them all topped off.  Download a couple of Kindle books.  I have a radio with new batteries. I think we are prepared pretty well, plenty of food.  I sometimes wish I had a generator though.


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What I saw in Boerne, TX

While staying at Bourne, Equality and I were watching some deer through our window. The deer were jumping all over the place, We then noticed this giant cat stalking the deer between us and the deer.   The deer left quickly and the big cat took its time and went into cover behind a cedar tree.  The Texas wildlife and parks denies that any such cats exist. Although they have been spotted by quite a few people.  I don’t know what kind of cat this is, but its about 2 0r 3 ft tall body 4 to 5 feet one, with a long thick tail.  Weighs probably around 50 to 80 lbs.

Big Blac Cat Boerne TX
Big Black Cat Returning to thick cover

If anyone knows what this is please let me know.

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I remember Station Wagons.

I remember gas cheaper than a quarter a gallon, Filling up  for 4 Bucks.

I remember when 20mpg was considered great millage.

I remember long distance phone calls.

I remember when computers were the size of a house and cost as much as a new school.

I remember never wearing a seat belt

I remember my first new TV 19″ for $300, Today its a 30 inch HD flat screen for the same money.

I remember riding in the back of a pickup.

I remember people heating their homes with coal boilers.

I Remember when there were  4 Vitamins A, B, C and D

I remember when margarine was good for you and butter bad.

I remember when eggs were good for you before they were bad ior you before they were good for you.

I remember mobs of black people rioting in the the streets.

I remember people spitting on on soldiers cause they didn’t like violence.

I remember when the VFW didn’t accept Vietnam Veterans, because they weren’t real Veterans.

I remember when All beer came from massive factories.

I remember when the only good wine came from Europe.  California wines were cheap and unsophisticated.

I remember 10 cent cokes from a machine.

I remember penny candy.

I remember “No Blacks Allowed”  signs.

I remember when Campbell’s Chicken noodle soup and a peanutbutter and jelly sandwich was a hearty healthy lunch.

I remember when Volkswagon bugs got more mileage out of their tires than they did the engines.

I remember Studebakers and Ramblers.

I remember when games with the family would involve a deck of playing cards.

I remember no shopping on Sunday.

I remember when the telephone company owned all the phones.

I remember when marijauna was for parties, and not for curing people.

I remember when Chrsitopher Columbus was a hero.

I remember the Sears catalog.




One of the benefits of retiring is that I am no longer required to use Microsoft Outlook. At home I have never used Outlook, except to check my work account from home.

I’ve been using Thunderbird now for at least 7 or 8 Years, maybe longer. It did the trick and is free.  It supports POP3 as well as IMAP in fact during setup Thunderbird is usually going to be smart enough to figure out what you need,   and has been incredibly smart at setting up different email accounts automatically.  Junk filters work well with prebuilt filters built into services such as Gmail,  and the use of intuitive standard shortcut key navigation.

Some of the kewl things about Thunderbird has to do with its extensions. the two that I have set up are Enigmail, and  Lightning.  Enigma is an extension that seamlessly allows one to use gpg seamlessly into a message.. I like the ability to digitally sign messages.. although the encryption decryption capabilities are particularly useful.

Lightning does all the Calendar Tasks and Events stuff that we used to do with our Frankiin Planners. and does it better than Outlook which always seemed clunky to me.

Folks that have mutiple web mail accounts should probably look into using Thunderbird.  It is a quick fast way of monitoring email accounts and is a lot faster than logging into the websites …




Visitors to the Patio

I had some visitors yesterday, they stopped they drank and dined.  They graciously thanked me when they flitted off. They were humingbirds.

I was sitting out on my patio, listing to traffic on my amateur radio, reading a kindle book, and creating voluminous  clouds of smoke from a fresh Macanudo when I noticed  a hummingbird flitting around the empty feeder hanging on edge of my patio roof. He didn’y hang around long.  The feeder has been empty for months, I had been meaning to fill it, but it was just one of those task I hadn’t gotten around to yet.

Equality and I had some errands to run, so we left the casa did some shopping, and had lunch in Texas City, not a bad way to spend a rainy stormy Sunday morning. When we got home several hours later. I decided to fill the humming bird feeder. This was, after all, a task that I had put off long enough.   I filled the feeder,  sat back in my chair turned up the radioset. and relit the big Mac.  Within 20 minutes I was rewarded with visit to the feeder by a brave little hummer.  I say brave cause after the little fella had drank his fill he came up close to me. Eyeball to eyeball he hovered. Within arms reach. he darted around and took a sip. left for a few minutes and came back and repeated his act. I assume it was the same bird, but I really don’t know. Eventually two birds visited at the same time, and after a while I even had three feeding at once.   Every time they came to feed one of them would do the same thing, up to me, within three feet,  eye level to eye  level look at me and then flyoff.

I don’t know  a lot about birds or humming birds in particular.  But it seems as though there is something going on in their tiny brains. Did they understand that I put up the feeder for their benefit?  Were they trying to thank me?  Make friends?  I don’t know  it just seemed so strange to me.

Hopefully within the next couple of weeks I’ll get some pictures of these guys.



Digital Photography

I keep running into people who want to move up in imaging from their cell phones.  Others can’t understand why anyone would own a camera because a cell phone can do it all.  My response is always the same, “the right tools for the right job”. Yes, it can be useful to take a picture and immediately text or email a photo,  but even the best of phones still can take only mediocre pictures.

In the old days of film we were at the mercy  of the development and print labs.  I had more than one roll of film with a line going across several negatives and prints because some one carelessly dragged something across the delicate emulsion. Today using Photoshop or GIMP today’s user has complete control over the final product.  While GIMP is free Photoshop usage is free after the initial purchase.  While a lot of people never run their pictures through a photoediting program, There aren’t many pictures that can’t use a touchup.  Pixels and diskspace are cheap.  One is better off taking the pictures  at the fullest resolution.  The pixels can always be tossed away later.

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Hamming things Up

I’ve been playing with my radios this weekend, tweeking some settings, adding frequencies and deleting others.  All the while trying to keep some consistency between the three different radios.  I also set the FT-8800 to work as a cross band repeater.  This will allow me to walk around freely with a handheld, and  still use the power of a more powerful radio. Pretty kewl !!

I made some changes to my ham page I included a list of local repeaters with the settings. This might prove useful to a new ham or someone new or visiting the area.