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Tell Us How You Really Feel, Howie

Howie Carr of the Boston Herald unloaded big time in an editorial piece titled Moonbats Mourn Another Red Thug. The rant begins: Say it ain’t so, Joe, or should I say Jose? Poor Joe Kennedy, mourning the loss of his … Continue reading

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What Happened!!

We got our ass kicked. We are left scratching our heads and wondering, How could we lose? Obama has trashed the economy, discarded our international leadership, lead us into a $16 trillion debt. That is mostly owned to Communist Red … Continue reading

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NBC and Twitter Conspire to Censorship.

Posting the email address cost Tweeter his account. Guy Adams is pretty upset with NBCs Olympic coverage and the way it is handling the time shifted coverage, and hasn’t been shy about letting the world know.  He holds Gary Zenkel, the … Continue reading

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Killing Freedom of Speech.

In Boston the Mayor Menino is positioning himself as the arbitor of political correctness and thought.  If one dares to believe differently or independently of proper leftist dogma, Menino has declared it proper and right to deny permits and and … Continue reading

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Maybe a Battle Lost and a War Won

This morning the Supreme Court announced that Obamacare  is found to be constitutional.  Most observers were surprised to find that it was not Kennedy but Roberts that was the swing vote.  Libertarian and right thinking folks are outraged. What happened? Is Roberts a … Continue reading

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Obama Obtains Bipartisian Unity in Congress.

President Obama has achieved what was once thought of as the impossible. Both Houses rejected his budget unanimously.  Yup not a single vote. no president has done this much in the name of co-operation and unity in bi-partisian politics on … Continue reading

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Montgomerry TX, Militarized Zone

Montgomery County crashed a drone into their SWAT team tank. I suppose we should just be grateful that it was a tank they crashed into instead of an officer or even an innocent civillian. As the sheriff’s SWAT team suited up … Continue reading

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Harry Reid’s Secret Plot to Take over the Internets

You just can’t make up this crap. Harry Reid is having secret meetings in a plot to have Homeland Security take over the Internet. Perhaps believing, “If the people didn’t like SOPA maybe they would like something worse”. Details about … Continue reading

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Tugging on Supermans Cape.

There are a a couple of stories that surfaced this week. That illustrate what seems to be a trend with  gun control movements and their lack of understang of the folks they are trying to effect. Starbucks Boycott It was … Continue reading

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It Isn’t What You may think.

To many voters a candidates stance on the second ammendment say it all. The candidates support says a lot about what a candidate really believes about rights and the constitution, and maybe even more about how he feels about his … Continue reading

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