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Banning The AR15

The AR 15 has been a controversial firearm in recent months. Recent mass shootings have put the AR 15 in focus and much of the blame has been put on the modern weapon. What is an AR15, and what purpose do they serve the modern sportsman?  How are they different from other commonly used rifles.


The AR 15 was developed by Eugene Stoner for the company Armalite. The design intention was to develop a combat weapon that was accurate lightweight and capable of replacing the M-14. The designation AR15, means that is derived from being the 15th design for Armalite

It was Colt that developed the military version known s the M16 and the civilian version which kept the label AR-15. The M16 was capable of both semi-automatic and fully automatic mode. The M16 has evolved into the M-4 a shorter version with a 16 inch barrel that has the option with the selector switch of semiautomatic or 3 round burst mode. Todays AR-15 has evolved into todays most popular firearm in America that is flexible inexpensive to own and shoot as well as accurate. The M16 and its military derivatives remain illegal and unavailable for civilian use except under some very limited situations.

What Is an AR 15 ?

The AR15 is a lightweight, 5.56×45mm, magazine-fed, gas-operated semi-automatic rifle. It was designed to be manufactured with the extensive use of aluminum alloys and synthetic materials resulting  in a lightweight, intermediate cartridge magazine-fed, air-cooled rifle with a rotating lock bolt, actuated by direct impingement gas operation.

Todays AR 15 comprises of the following componants.

  1. An Upper Assemblyis basically the barrel  and the reciever with the bolt assembly
  2. A Lower assembly which consists of the Magazine receiver, trigger and housing sear and hammer
  3. .Furniture which is the traditionally rails the  plastic pieces such as the Handguard and shoulder stock.
  4. Accessories which are the optonal devices such as opticss, sights flashlights and  slings.

According to the BATF the only part that is considered a firearm is the lower.

The AR-15 is often referred to as a high powered rifle. This is false.  The AR-15 uses a  5.56 x 45 (or .223 cal) cartridge. Which is low powered by most rifle standards. It is a souped up .22,  Most gun enthusiast would classify the AR 15 as an intermediate powered weapon.

It’s because of the smaller cartridge size that it becomes high capacity. The same holds true with handguns, a 9mm Glock 17uses 17 round Magazines, While a traditional Colt 1911 magazine typically is 7 Rounds. The rule of thumb is smaller ammo – larger capacity. Larger more devesting ammo is less capacity.

Scout vs AR15 Magazines

The picture above shows a comparison, from left to right of a 30 round AR mag vs a 20 rnd Mag vs a 10 Round .308 magazine.  It’s because the smaller less powerful bullet allows for stuffing more of them into a magazine that the magazines become “High capacity”.

The AR 15 is modular, which accounts for it’s different appearance. It doesn’t have the sleek wooden stock of other rifles, and has a lot of polymer that makes it lightweight and adaptable. The buttstock is adjustable which makes it adaptable for shooters of all sizes.

The AR 15 is semiautomatic, or autoloading. The technology is 100 years old and is used in all sorts of handguns rifles .22 caliber and shotguns.  An autoloader simply reloads another round after a shot is fired. Every shot must be prefaced by an independent trigger pull.

Why an AR-15?

The interwebs have been flooded on social media with the proclamation,” Nobody needs an AR-15?”

The truth is that probably nobody needs an AR15.  It just happens to be very well suited for a variety of uses. It has become America’s most popular rifle. The National Shooting Sports Foundation estimates there are roughly 5 million to10 million AR-15 rifles owned in the United States,   There is nothing inherent in the AR -15 that makes it more dangerous than any other gun. The AR does have many features that make it desirable to a wide range of gun owners.

Hunters like them because of the light weight and accuracy, The Magazines can be smaller capacity, for shooting coyotes and feral hogs.  The high accuracy is useful for groundhogs and prairie dog. The small caliber is suitable for smaller deer that can be found in the south.

The AR 15 is popular in rural areas for home protection because of its inherent maneuverability. It has more range than a shotgun or handgun, and useful for protecting one’s home and property, against two or four legged predators. Ranchers have found the AR-15 useful, it doesn’t take up in a 4 wheeler, or pickup truck accurate, and capable of just about any assignment it is called upon.

The shooting range is where most AR-15s get their workout.  The ammo and gun are inexpensive and allows one to shoot more. The more one shoots the more shooters get proficient.  A good AR-15 can be bought for around $500 dollars, a lot less than most high powered rifles.  The AR-15 has been described as a Barbie doll for men, or as the Lego of guns. It is very customizable, Furniture and accessories can be swapped out and added as desired. Adjustable stocks fit shooter of all size, and the light recoil is painless to the recoil sensitive.


The recent school shooting in Florida has many people calling for a ban on the so called “assault rifles” or specifically the AR-15.  I hoped to show that the AR-15 is not unique from many another commonly accepted gun. It isn’t more powerful, nor any more deadly than any other gun. There are more crimes committed with handguns than with all rifles. The support to ban the AR-15 is nothing more than a thinly veiled attempt to ban all guns.


Outsiders Wanting In

Have we become a nation of crybabies? Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump have never really been supportive or worked with the political parties they are attempting to win as their parties candidate.

What are these parties?

We have a party system in America, mostly its a two party system Republicans and Democrats.   Each party has its own rules and agenda.  While many of the people  that belong to the party and are active, elected officials the roots of the party are people supporters and people who don’t hold political offices.  The local level is where we draw our local party candidates and the delegates to the state and national conventions.

The parties are basically a private club. donations are not tax exempt, and their strength is in their ability to work together and support one another.  Those who are elected are expected to throw support behind others in their party.  Those in the local groups work hard to see that their candidates win.   Not every candidate is expected to support every other candidate all the time but there usually is some support.

The roots of the party are the unpaid members who watch the elections  they organize rallies and speak for the nominated candidates.  They raise the money and draw up the party platform. Any one can join.


The parties have a problem with the leading candidates of their party.  Trump and Sanders have had no loyalty to their supposedly chosen party.

Donald Trump has been registered most of ho life as a Democrat. and been a very big supporter of Hillary Clinton, The ultimate Democrat of the Democratic Party. He admits to giving money not only to her foundation but to her campaign.  He even supported the far left Harry Reid.  While he trashed and bad mouthed the presidents Bush,

Then their is Sanders. He has run as an independent for most of his political life,  Doesn’t support Democrats, and is the only registered Independent in the Senate.

Cry Babies

These candidates whine and complain about a system they don’t participate in and don’t support. They publicly trash the parties that they are running for. Bernie’s politics line up with the Socialist party, and Donald Trump has shown more support for the Democrats.  They cry fowl because the partys reject them, and use the same rules that have been in effect for years .. Where were they when these rules were adopted. Where were they when their parties needed their help.  Trump and Bernie seem to think it was OK to say to the parties  “screw you” and bitch when the parties turn their back.  Guess what? You can’t have it both ways.  They forget one important issue,  The party gets to pick their candidate, because the candidate is suppose to represent them.

The candidates could have run as independents, It would have been more honest of them.  But they want the big party support,  without them ever throwing support to the party. I

think its note worthy that my chosen party doesn’t participate in the primary process. Libertarians can attend a local caucus, and the ones selected get to attend the State conventions and from their to the National convention, where the platform, rules and presidential candidate is selected.

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Campaign Funds

So Sanders opposes lobbyist contributing to political campaigns.  He speaks against hypocrisy. He shamelessly accepts money from those whom hope to gain his favor.

You might not think the National Cannabis Industry Association, International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers and National Mining Association have much in common.

But they have this: Lobbyists for these organizations have donated money to the presidential campaign of Democrat Bernie Sanders, the self-described socialist who has regularly castigated special interests and the government influence industry.

In fact, nearly two-dozen federally registered lobbyists have given money to Sanders’ presidential campaign, according to a Center for Public Integrity  review of campaign finance records and data obtained from the Center for Responsive Politics.

Trump claims to be self funded. this isn’t Completely true either, Trump has his contributers some small others not so small.


Much of the money that Trump has put into his campaign is money that he has loaned to himself. This gives him a mechanism to have donors eventually help pay himself back, perhaps at a time when we aren’t paying close attention.

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Armed Adventure in NY

Elizabeth Enderli,  a Marine Veteran, wanted to visit and pay her respects at the New York 911 memorial with her friend. She ran into a problem

Elizabeth Anne Enderli, 31, had no idea her Texas concealed-carry permit was null in New York when she asked Ground Zero security on Saturday where she could store her 9mm and .380 caliber pistols, cops said.

The blunder cost the Marine Corps veteran and mom of three a night in jail — and prompted her Lone Star state pals to scoff at New York’s un-Texas-like gun laws.

While, legally licensed, New Yorkers can carry here in Texas, We are banned from New York even though we can carry in just about any other civilized place.

Elizabeth is to return to New York to face the charges. A very expensive proposition. Lawyers and airfare isn’t cheap these days particularly in New York. We don’t know how long this is going to take nor even what the outcome is going to be. What we do know is that she could use some help.  They have set up a Go Fund Me site, Please stop by and donate what you can.

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What is it with this rainbow thing? What does it have to do who you have sex with? and why are we calling people gay, The homosexuals get depressed as much if not more than normal people. Who is rewriting the dictionary? And why are people calling me wingnut?

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Ordering French Fries.

You Let the world down!
You Let the world down!

Seems as though it was just yesterday that we were boycotting France and ordering “Freedom Fries”,  My question; ” Are Freedom Fries or French fries being served at the White House?”  If I were to guess I would say that there were only French Fries served, and that no one showed up in Paris because there is no leadership.

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Not as Bad as It Seems.

As we close out the old year and start the new one, it is a good time to get look at  where we are. Most of us tend to think the world  is pretty bad shape. Maybe it’s not as bad as we perceive.

Maybe Bill Gates explains it Best:

200 years ago 40%of all children died before the age of five. People didn’t have a chance to be literate or to read books, average life spans were less than 40 years. And so in a span of not to much time, even compared to human history, we have made unbelievable progress; the things we take for granted, the abilty to go out and learn things, to have air conditioning, tove clothing, to have a toilet is pretty phenomenal. So anyone who looks at capitalism and what it does and says, “Okay it’s been a net loss versus that life we had before.” I think there is a loss of perspective there.

Yeah, Its all about perspective.

There ISIS in Syria and Iraq, Tribal warfare in Africa, Yet things seem to be getting better, Our wars for the most part less deadly. We watch news eith its 24 hour cycle and we see war and the horrors of war, and the world seems to be comming apart at the seems. But is it as bad as it seems?

Judging the world through headlines is like judging a city by spending a night in A&E – you only see the worst problems. This may have felt like the year of Ebola and Isil but in fact, objectively, 2014 has probably been the best year in history. Take war, for example – our lives now are more peaceful than at any time known to the human species. Archaeologists believe that 15 per cent of early mankind met a violent death, a ratio not even matched by the last two world wars. Since they ended, wars have become rarer and less deadly. More British soldiers died on the first day of the Battle of the Somme than in every post-1945 conflict put together.

We face heathcare upheaval, Ebola killing thousands.  Our food is supposedly loaded with pesticides, herbacides and hormones. Genetically modified is gonna kill all of us who can’t afford to pay 4 times as much for Wholefood groceries.  It’s doom and gloom and we are all gonna die.  Would you believe that we actually aren’t doing that bad?

This helps explain why Bob Geldof’s latest Band Aid single now sounds so cringingly out-of-date. Africans certainly do know it’s Christmas – a Nigerian child is almost twice as likely to mark the occasion by attending church than a British one. The Ebola crisis has led to 7,000 deaths, each one a tragedy. But far more lives have been saved by the progress against malaria, HIV and diarrhoea. The World Bank’s rate of extreme poverty (those living on less than $1.25 a day) has more than halved since 1990, mainly thanks to China – where economic growth and the assault on poverty are being unwittingly supported by any parent who put a plastic toy under the tree yesterday.

Britons don’t need to look abroad for signs of progress. The Lancet report showed that, since 1990, life expectancy in Western Europe is up by five years – thanks, mainly, to fewer deaths from cancer and heart disease.

The 24 Hour news cycle brings attention to the violent world that we live in.  According to statistics perhaps there is something to entering the golden age of Aquarious.


To be sure, adding up corpses and comparing the tallies across different times and places can seem callous, as if it minimized the tragedy of the victims in less violent decades and regions. But a quantitative mindset is in fact the morally enlightened one. It treats every human life as having equal value, rather than privileging the people who are closest to us or most photogenic. And it holds out the hope that we might identify the causes of violence and thereby implement the measures that are most likely to reduce it. Let’s examine the major categories in turn.

Homicide. Worldwide, about five to 10 times as many people die in police-blotter homicides as die in wars. And in most of the world, the rate of homicide has been sinking. The Great American Crime Decline of the 1990s, which flattened out at the start of the new century, resumed in 2006, and, defying the conventional wisdom that hard times lead to violence, proceeded right through the recession of 2008 and up to the present.

Happy New Year everyone!!

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Demonstration In Brockton

CAM00493 CAM00492 CAM00491 CAM00489 CAM00488 CAM00485 CAM00483 CAM00482 CAM00481 CAM00480 CAM00479 CAM00478They had a demonstration in my old home town of Brockton Mass. Despite the concerns of some. The demonstration was peaceful, ordely and well coordinated.  BPD was friendly and kept traffic moving.





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Has Hell Frozen Over?

The most leftest newspaper in the country, the Boston Globe has endorsed Republican Charlie Baker over the Democrat party favorite Martha, Coakley?

Effective activist government isn’t built on good intentions. To provide consistently good results, especially for the state’s most vulnerable and troubled residents, agencies need to focus on outcomes, learn from their errors, and preserve and replicate approaches that succeed. Baker, a former health care executive, has made a career of doing just that. During this campaign, he has focused principally on making state government work better. The emphasis is warranted. And in that spirit, the Globe endorses Charlie Baker for governor.

Interestingly the endorsement isn’t about political philosophy, but about leadership and experience skills. We haven’t been following the race all that closely, but this has come as somewhat of a surprise to us.


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Memo to IRS management

Maybe the IRS should consider moving to Gmail.   They never seem to crash, its constantly backed up  and its free.