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Naming Your Poison at the Beach.

Bare footed Spring breakers are in for some hurt, when they visit our beaches during the next couple of weeks. We noticed last week while strolling the beach quite a few Man O’Wars washed up below the high tide line. … Continue reading

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Campaign Funds

So Sanders opposes lobbyist contributing to political campaigns.  He speaks against hypocrisy. He shamelessly accepts money from those whom hope to gain his favor. You might not think the National Cannabis Industry Association, International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers and National … Continue reading

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Armed Adventure in NY

Elizabeth Enderli,  a Marine Veteran, wanted to visit and pay her respects at the New York 911 memorial with her friend. She ran into a problem Elizabeth Anne Enderli, 31, had no idea her Texas concealed-carry permit was null in … Continue reading

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Got the Turbo Tax Blues

Turbo Tax has pulled the old bait and Switch. Things that we used to for the past 20 years  such as handling Rental  properties,capital gains and  small business deductions are no longer handled by the Basic or Deluxe versions of … Continue reading

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Ordering French Fries.

Seems as though it was just yesterday that we were boycotting France and ordering “Freedom Fries”,  My question; ” Are Freedom Fries or French fries being served at the White House?”  If I were to guess I would say that … Continue reading

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Not as Bad as It Seems.

As we close out the old year and start the new one, it is a good time to get look at  where we are. Most of us tend to think the world  is pretty bad shape. Maybe it’s not as … Continue reading

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Demonstration In Brockton

They had a demonstration in my old home town of Brockton Mass. Despite the concerns of some. The demonstration was peaceful, ordely and well coordinated.  BPD was friendly and kept traffic moving.        

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Lighting Up

Its OK to laugh. You know its funny.  I used to have a thing about Cuban cigars. but these days I think the Nicaragan and Dominican are every bit as good and cheaper.

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Has Hell Frozen Over?

Boston Globe has endorsed Republican, Charlie Baker. Continue reading

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Justice New Jersey Style

The video of Ray Rice beating the snot out of his girlfriend was shocking, even more shocking is the light punishment he got with the approval of  Atlantic County Prosecutor Jim McClain and Superior Court Judge Michael Donio. Following the release … Continue reading

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