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Blogging is something I do for myself. I've been blogging since Sept. 2003, mostly about politics, guns, and observations about the word around me.

Essential Galveston Island Frequencies.

Most ham radio operators on Galveston Island have a long list of frequencies programmed into their radios. We do have some available repeaters that aren’t well documented and others that aren’t available anymore.  I put together a list of available … Continue reading

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Going Forth Local Number Breakdown – May 12th

As we go forth, to get a little sunshine, fresh air, and a change of scenery.  During the week we will head towards the beach or shoreline.  Shopping is done early in the morning.  A lot of people aren’t wearing … Continue reading

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Riding Out COVID-19 In Galveston

Although I haven’t heard of any official pronouncements. I think the pandemic has crested here in the state of Texas and in Galveston County.  Although testing has increased, the reported cases are headed in a downward direction at least for … Continue reading

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Essential Free Stuff

Every once in a while I recommend a list of utilities and programs I find useful.  I don’t like paying for software so most of the stuff listed is gnu open source or free. Operating Systems Most of us don’t install … Continue reading

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Banning The AR15

The AR 15 has been a controversial firearm in recent months. Recent mass shootings have put the AR 15 in focus and much of the blame has been put on the modern weapon. What is an AR15, and what purpose do … Continue reading

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Harvey, The Beginning

We had a light rain overnight, then a short but colorful storm before the sunrise.  Our lights blinked off momentarily.  Equalities computer rebooted,  mine didn’t. It’s the first of many times I’m sure. Equality and I went out to get … Continue reading

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Harvey is Coming.

Harvey is coming, and as usual, his arrival is full of hype and breathless reporting locally and nationally.   so far it is still just a depression and hasn’t formed into an official tropical storm. Yet. A Hurricane Watch and Storm … Continue reading

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Ruger Gunsite Scout (.308)

The Ruger Gunsite Scout (GSR) has been out for 6 years now. There are lots of good reviews out on it. What follows isn’t so much a review but just a few observations about the gun that I own. My … Continue reading

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What I saw in Boerne, TX

While staying at Bourne, Equality and I were watching some deer through our window. The deer were jumping all over the place, We then noticed this giant cat stalking the deer between us and the deer.   The deer left quickly and … Continue reading

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Lessons on Cord Cutting.

Cable bills are soaring. and we are getting less for our home entertainment dollar.  Some of us are cutting costs by either cutting back or eliminating our cable services. There are cheaper or even free.  I just want to cover a few tips. … Continue reading

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