KF5IZN Amateur Radio

Among other pursuits I am a ham radio operator with technician class license, Maybe someday I’ll upgrade to a General license . Listening to the active frequencies is fun and  I thought that if I post some of them here others might find it useful.

Receive Frequency Offset Frequency Offset Direction Name Tone Mode CTCSS
442.0250 5.00 MHz Plus TAR70C Tone 103.5 Hz Tidelands Amatuer Radio Society Texas City
443.2750 5.00 MHz Plus N5FOG Tone 103.5 Hz Galveston Reapeater Saltgrass
147.1400 600 kHz Plus TAR_2M Tone 167.9 Hz Tidelands Amatuer Radio Society Texas City
146.6800 600 kHz Minus WB5BMB Tone 103.5 Hz Galveston Repeater. Best Island Coverage.
145.2900 600 kHz Minus PASA2M Tone 103.5 Hz Pasadena
146.9000 600 kHz Minus KESAIL Tone 103.5 Hz Kemah
145.5300 Simplex GLVSMP None Galveston County Emergency Simplex
145.4100 600 kHz Minus GCEMCV Tone 131.8 HZ League City Excellent coverage
442.2250 5.00 MHz Plus GCEMCU Tone 131.8 Hz League City Excellent coverage
146.8600 600 kHz Minus CLARCV Tone 100.0 Hz Clear Lake Amatuer Radio Club at NASA
443.2500 5.00 MHz Plus SEABRK Tone 127.3 Hz Seabrook TX
147.2600 600 kHz Plus SEA-2M Tone 162.2 Hz Seabrook TX
443.8000 5.00 MHz Plus K5BAYU Tone 123.0 Hz Baytown
146.7800 600 kHz Minus K5BAYV Tone 123.0 Hz Baytown Excellent coverage
147.2200 600 kHz Plus PARC2M Tone 167.9 Hz Pearland
443.0600 5.00 MHz Plus PARC70 Tone 167.9 Hz Pearland
443.1250 5.00 MHz Plus GULL Tone 103.5 Hz Galveston
444.7250 5.00 MHz Plus KB5HII Tone 103.5 Hz
446.0000 Simplex 70-CM- None 100.0 Hz Calling Frequency
146.5200 Simplex VHF None 103.5 Hz Calling Frequency
444.4250 5.00 MHz Plus KLUTE Tone 103.5 Hz Klute (Saltgrass System)
442.7000 5.00 MHz Plus KC5QMX None 100.0 Hz Galveston Repeater
147.0400 600 kHz Plus 5BMB-1 Tone 100.0 Hz Hitchcock Saltgrass (most reliable to the net)
443.9500 5.00 MHz Plus AI5TX Tone Unknown Closed sytem Armidillo System (Hitchcok)
444.9500 5.00 MHz Plus 5BMB-U Tone 103.5 Hz
442.3750 5.00 MHz Plus CLSU Tone 103.5 Hz Clear lake shores New Repeater
441.3000 5.00 MHz Plus KEMAHU Tone 123.0 Hz Kemah


I don’t have a lot of fancy equipment, but there is enough to have fun with.  I have three radios I that I regularly use. A Yaesu FT-8800, A Yaesu FT-7900  and Baofeng UV5R  handheld. UHF/VHF band radio.

  • The Yaesu FT-7900 is my first VHF/UHF radio. I used it as my ‘shack’ or base radio for around 2 years. Since then it has been relegated to my comute car. This is the radio that I have used for the public service events. The Antenna is a 3 band diamond magnetic mount that I picked up at a hamfest. for under $50.00. Its best features is that it folds down if I am forced to go into a parking garage.  Its also easy to relocate into another car.
  • The Baofeng UV5R is a handheld. I had used it in my car using the Diamond antennae and was pretty impressed with the range I was getting.  The rubber ducky antenna that came with it isn’t all that hot, but it gets the job done. I also use this at public service. The thing about this radio is that its cheap. Maybe some day I’ll get another one or two.  One thing I don’t do with this radio is scan. I just monitor one or two frequencies at a time with this.
  • The Yaesu FT-8800 is my newest radio. It serves as my “shack” or base radio.  It is like having two radios. Scanning two different sets of frequencies at the same time.  On onside I monitor Ham simplex channels, Marine band Channels and some MUR and GMRS Channels. These are all frequencies that I seldom or never transmit on. The other side I monitor the local repeaters. This radio has a wonderful feature of  called crossband.  Tis allows for retransmission from UHF to VHF and vice versé.  very handy for public service events such as road races.  The shack radio antenna  is a home made Jpole, made with about $20.00 of copper tubing.

The  power supply is a salvaged  15 Volt switcher adjusted for 13.8 Volts.   The Antenna is self made  J-Pole fabricated out of copper tubing. It is mounted to a piece  of fiberglass sectional mast and is about 20-ft high. The J-pole works well in the 2 Meter and works passably in the 70 cm bands.

The Yeasu’s are are all extended MARS CAP modified. This simple modification allows the radio to transmit frequencies way beyond the Amatuer bands and into other bands. I have no intention of ever broadcasting on these non amatuer asigned bands.  Its just nice to have the capabilities if the SHTF or the zombies attack.  Kinda the same thing as having A P92 20 round magazine.

The Baofeng came with the extended frequency capability from the factory.


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  1. Hey Ray, it this you? If we spoke on the radio last week it is…Philip KG5JPG here on the island.

  2. Liberty says:

    Yup, It sure is.. I can tell that its been too long since I last checked .. this site though,

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