Houston/Galveston Comcast Boxless Listings

I own 3 Televisions capable of Digital HDTV displays. I rent 1 box that is not HDTV capable the other sets are directly connected directly to the cable wall outlet. The only sets that I can get the high quality signal on is the sets that are not connected to the cable box. By connecting the sets I can get all the major broadcast signals in the highest quality resolution. The only problem is that Comcast keeps moving the channels around I try to keep this spread up to date as soon as I realize Comcast has played musical chairs with our HD channels. I hope folks find this useful
I would appreciate any feedback concerning corrections additions or improvements.

12/25/2010 Comcast moved their Channel lineup around.  If your having problems you might try rescanning. Drop a comment if you have any corrections or additions.

2/6/2011 Fox 26 was moved from 100-601 to 601-1

I could add in some of the deviations as they vary from town to town.


Comcast sent me 3 packages labeled “Digital Transport adapter Self-Installation Kit” . The back of the box has this information:

We’re Upgrading Our Network.

Right now the Comcast network carries two signals, Analog and Digital.

Analog Doesn’t have the necessary bandwidth ti carry our ever-expanding library of content and other features.

To bring you better service, we’re switching the Analog signal portion of our network to our advanced All-Digital signal.

While some extra channels are available using the box such as Sci Fi and AMC,  what is clear is that it if hooked up to a Hi Def  digital Television, that one will lose HD on any sets that are hook it into it. It is clear that one must either rent a Hi Def box or  or not use anything. Putting a box on the deprecates the signal available for free seems counter productive.

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  1. RJ McHenry says:

    Thank you! I went looking for something like this for my guest rooms. When kids and grandkids come to visit, I like them to know what channels are on their televisions. Comcast web site was no help. I’m sure they have some kind of guide at the offices, but I would rather not make that trip. You are wonderful to post this!

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