Harvey, The Beginning

West End of the Galveston Seawall

We had a light rain overnight, then a short but colorful storm before the sunrise.  Our lights blinked off momentarily.  Equalities computer rebooted,  mine didn’t. It’s the first of many times I’m sure.

Equality and I went out to get a little air and see whats happening around and about.  There aren’t a lot of people around, but even Houston isn’t reporting much traffic.  All the stores were open, and our local Randalls is well stocked with water, milk,  bread, and eggs. We just picked up some fruit.

We went to the west end of the seawall to see what the Gulf is doing.  Pretty gray light rain and lots of waves.  Some waves were breaking over the seawall.  Although not very inviting it wasn’t very threatning yet either.

The tidal surge is predicted to be 2 to 4 feet. not bad.  12 to 16 inches of rain, still not too bad.  Tropical storm conditions until Tuesday, Yuch. NOOA radio is calling for hurricane conditions on Tuesday, none of the other media is really claiming this.

It looks like we will fare better than those on the coast SouthWest of us or for those who are in Houston.

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