What I saw in Boerne, TX

While staying at Bourne, Equality and I were watching some deer through our window. The deer were jumping all over the place, We then noticed this giant cat stalking the deer between us and the deer.   The deer left quickly and the big cat took its time and went into cover behind a cedar tree.  The Texas wildlife and parks denies that any such cats exist. Although they have been spotted by quite a few people.  I don’t know what kind of cat this is, but its about 2 0r 3 ft tall body 4 to 5 feet one, with a long thick tail.  Weighs probably around 50 to 80 lbs.

Big Blac Cat Boerne TX

Big Black Cat Returning to thick cover

If anyone knows what this is please let me know.

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  1. Kevin says:

    I’m not the smartest man in the world but that’s looks to me to be a mainecoon hybrid a cross between a cat and a raccoon

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