Eighth wonder of the World

SeaWeed the eighth wonder of the world

Seaeeed the eighth wonder of the world

I guess the Galveston Parks Department is Just trying to make the best of things. after all there isn’t an easy answer or solution, but j think that the most of us agree that its a pretty stinky ugly mess.  I didn’t notice anyone on a seaweed scavenger hunt.

It does look to me that instead of piling into huge seaweed mountains, they have decided to attempt to clean some of the beaches and spread it out on some of the others and hope to gain some beach reclamation. I don’t know how successful it will be but its not pretty

acres and acres of seaweed

Acres and acres of seaweed

and its got to be raising hell with the tourist industry.  While some of the beaches aren’t this bad, there is seaweed to be found at all the beaches. Personally I’m not tempted to go scavenger hunting on this particular beach. happy hunting to those who choose otherwise.

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  1. Tad says:

    What a travesty. But who knows, maybe it well serve to get some of that precious shoreline back for Galveston beaches.

  2. I agree, there are better places to go scavenger hunting. Mother nature works in mysterious ways and sometimes weird too. I’ll just keep my fingers crossed that somehow, this will lead to the beautification of the beach.

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