What Happened!!

We got our ass kicked. We are left scratching our heads and wondering, How could we lose? Obama has trashed the economy, discarded our international leadership, lead us into a $16 trillion debt. That is mostly owned to Communist Red China.  Why couldn’t we beat this president whom has screwed up everything he has touched?

The Republicans picked a guy whom might have been a good a president but was a lousy candidate. We picked him using a terrible process from a list of not so hot candidates. The series of Republican debates followed by the primaries assured that we picked the guy who was the least controversial  Unfortunately the least controversial is usually going to be the the least inspirational and dynamic.  The process served well in picking up the last two duds as candidates.

Romney was a terrible choice as a Republican candidate.

  • He co-authored signed and implemented the first all state run all inclusive health care program an the US. This was the pilot program for Obama care.  This program is very unpopular in America, Yet, Mitt did not, could not go on the offensive  on how terrible this program was, because he in fact helped invent it.
  • He was one of only a few governors who signed and took credit for signing a permanent assault weapons ban. Yet attempted to defend the second amendment. Most Americans understand that the second amendment is a statement of a fundamental right. Romney always sounded hypocritical in any attempt to discuss  gun rights.
  • He isn’t anyone’s favorite son.  He was never going to pull in any electoral votes from any of the states where he had any affiliation.  New Hampshire Massachusetts nor Michigan weren’t going to show him any love. Most in Massachusetts considers him an extremist and Obama the moderate and have no idea why this is so funny.
  • He takes an anti-abortion stance , an issue in which wins him no votes, alienates many, and of which he will has little effect on how he would govern as president.

OK, so we have a moderate trying to paint himself as a “severe conservative” and we are left wondering why this doesn’t work. I don’t mean to trash the guy I think he could have been a good president and no doubt better than what we elected, but he is a lousy candidate and did a terrible job  running for president.

After the first day never pushed the Benghazi scandal. He should have made an issue of the lying and contradictions from the White House and the State department. If he had pushed the issue just a bit, the MSM would have been forced to cover this embarrassing story.

He never explained and drove home to the electorate that 16 trillion dollars is $51,000 for every man woman and child and $141,000 in debt for every taxpayer. This is owed to the Red Chinese who are not our friends and are the the people who admit to having nuclear weapons aimed at our nation and its people.

He never explained that it is the very rich such as Spielberg  Warren Buffet, Bill Gates and Jack Welch that want to maintain the status quo. Most Republicans aren’t the rich, but folks who dream of being  rich someday. Regulations and steeper tax policies make starting a new business more difficult than it ever has been. Its the middle class that wants a fair shot that is losing its opportunities.


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