More Bad News in Jersey.

People attempting to recover from Sandy are dealing with flood damaged homes, Gas shortages and no electricty are now forced to deal with a liquor shortage.

The superstorm that flooded towns across the Eastern Seaboard last week has apparently added insult to injury, decimating New Jersey’s top-shelf liquor supply.

According to Bloomberg News, the state’s exclusive distributor of Cristal champagne, Grey Goose vodka and Kamasutra (“the natural spirit of seduction”), was flooded by Sandy’s 10-foot storm surges, devestating the company’s Kearney, N.J., warehouse. Losses are expected to be in the tens of millions.

It’s a shame. Some Grey Goose might be nice while sitting in a damp dark home because there is no gas after a day of  hauling out all your destroyed belongings.

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