Stacking Rocks in Galveston

Staked Sedona Red Rock

Scattered alters of stacked sandstone red rock.

We went to Sedona a few weeks ago for some R & R  a beautiful place that has a reputatation as a gathering place for mystics, hippys and other odd sorts.   I wasn’t surprise when I visited the Airport Mesa, a place concidered a vortex,  that people had stacked the red sandstone rocks to make pillers. These seemed to me to be a sort of hippy alter built assist communication with  some unknown god. The formations were scattered but all around the area. I  wondered what the people were thinking that would spend the time gathering and stacking these stones.  It is what one should expect in the land of hippies and new agers I supposed. I have seen lots of silly things in Galveston, we here tend not to take things very seriously, and do have an apreciate of art and music, but I never expected this type of thing here.

Seawall Rock Stacks

Hundreds of rock stack alters on Galveston's Seawall.

On the seawall at Fort Crockett Park there was a breakwater built into the seawall made up of broken limestone rocks of various sizes.  Over the last few  months its grown to something rather large if not surreal.  The people I saw stacking rocks seemed to be just kids doing it just for fun. But some of these were pretty massive.  Every one has things they like to do for fun and entertainment, but making rock piles seems pretty weird to me.  One expects to find the hippys and newagers in Sedona, but here in Galveston??  It just doesn’t seem right.  I wonder now if Fort Crockett Park isn’t a new vortex. A letter to the editor of the Galveston Daily News implies that at least someone thinks these things have some value and they may be a tourist attraction. We were promised that the enhancements to Crockett Park would be a tourist attraction. I don’t think stacked rocks was what they had in mind though.

A collection of artwork involving stacks of rocks has drawn visitors to Fort Crockett Park in Galveston.

Vandalism Shows A Lack Of Appreciation

I am appalled, disgusted, furious (I could go on) because some idiot, ruffian, criminal, fool (I could go on) has knocked down many of the stacked rocks on the beach at about 49th Street.

They were beautiful, peaceful, intriguing to look at and already had become a tourist/resident attraction. People were stopping by to take photos, admire the work and even try their hands at stacking.

This is the second time that I am aware of that they have been destroyed. I do not know what can be done, but it is a sad commentary on contemporary society that this has happened.

We can only hope and pray that the artist or artists come back and restore these fantastic stackings.

I don’t really have any issue with any of this, but I do find it a bit strange. Art is all in the eye of the beholder, and in this case perhaps the builder.

Rock Stacking

Folks Stacking rocks on the Galveston Seawall


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5 Responses to Stacking Rocks in Galveston

  1. Betty Bailey says:

    I saw these last week. At first I just thought, “interesting”. Then I thought perhaps there was a deeper meaning….perhaps something to do with Ike. That you saw these in Sedona blows that theory away. Interesting and curious still stands though, so I hope they can be left alone.

    • Liberty says:

      believe they are going to be there for a while. Their attraction people seem to be fascinated with building these things. Any that get knocked down will just get rebuilt. This is a picture The Daily News had that showed the start of this taken in August. It has grown a lot since then.

  2. clwphoto says:

    When a liberal hippy town is defined it is the first day of its new existence as a rhinestone liberal hippy town . Galveston is unique because we stayed off the map which allowed us to be who we were till you got here and try to define us .
    Rock art did not develop in a liberal hippy town . It has existed since man . It is pure . It is personal . It has beauty in its simplicity as much as its complexity .
    I visited the rock art last week and was very impressed with it .I was also impressed with how many people jumped over the edge of the seawall and built their own personal rock art .
    I built my own personal piece this week . I feel confident it could be anywhere in the world be respected . I have it posted at

    • Liberty says:

      Great site, I will put a link to it on the sidebar. I took the liberty of converting your mention to a clickable hot link.

      • Vasile says:

        Just a heads-up if you’ll be heading ntonhbruod on I-45 afterwards the freeway will be TOTALLY closed in the Conroe area each night of this weekend, from 9PM to 9AM. You can expect a massive backup south of there, as traffic exits at Wilson Road to run the frontage road until the 3083 entrance ramp.Yeah, I know, only a few of us will be affected, but if you had any ideas of heading to Dallas after staying late in Galveston well forget it!

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