Thoughts on Requiring an ID

Eric Holder is blocking South Carolina’s new law which requires that voters provide ID to qualify their right to vote.  The Justice Department claims that requiring an ID is racist.  I’m not sure I understand why requiring folks to provide proper identification is racist. Is requiring travelers to provide an ID racist when at the airport? I wonder if the attorney general will demand that sellers quit insisting that gun purchasers provide an ID.

If someone can please explain to me why requiring an ID to vote is racist, than why shouldn’t the practice be outlawed on the more routine things. Voting is inherently more dangerous than buying a gun or flying    Perhaps it’s only considered racist when states require the ID, and alright when when it is a federal mandate.

A few weeks ago I was at the Toyota Center in Houston.  When I purchased a beer I was asked for an ID.  I’m a bald, greying 60 year old, I thought it was just silly. Now I understand it was racist.

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