Tea Party Folks Rise Up to Defend Liberals.

Its just a matter of principle. When camera’s were banned and confiscated at at Congressman  Chabot’s Town Hall meeting, Leaders of the the Tea Party stepped up and spoke against the action, even though it was a couple of liberals that were aggrieved.

The controversy has yielded a rare moment of agreement between progressives and Tea Party activists. Odom sharply criticized Chabot in an email to supporters on Thursday, writing, “Just when you think you’ve seen it all… a story breaks about a Republican Congressman (or his staff) instructing police to confiscate cameras from constituents in the audience of a townhall event! Yep, you read that right, at a public townhall event, in a public venue (high school gym), hosted by a public official and coordinated by public staffers, personal/private cameras and cell phones are now being forcefully removed to keep video footage from hitting YouTube.”

He then directed readers to his blog post on the matter, in which he states, “This is a clear violation of rights and Congressman Chabot should be ashamed of himself. His staff should be rebuked, an apology should be given, and the officer should be punished.”

Would leftist be as as quick to defend aggrieved Tea Party folk?

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