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Like most people I have a CD/DVD burner on my computer.  I also have a stack of CDRs. I don’t believe many of use  CDs much anymore. We buy our computers with most of the software need already installed, and almost any other software or software upgrades we need can be bought or downloaded on line.  One thing that we do use our CD/DVD readers for is watching and listen to store bought disks. Other wise the CD/DVD burner is heading down the same path as floppy disks.  CDs wont work on the newest tablets Chrome, or Netbooks. Although on they are still standard equipment on Desktops Laptops and even servers, One might wonder if we will start to see these no longer supplied as standard.

I spend as lot of time behind the wheel, often through areas that have poor radio coverage. I could always use an MP3 player, but its not something I normally use. Pluging my phone in and listening to Google Music on my Android would be a good solution if I was always in range of a good 3G/4G  signal.  Most cars still come with MP3 players,

I burn MP3 CDs.  You can hold a lot of music on a CD. It normally works out to about 1 meg a minute.   One can get about 10 hour plus. on a CD without hearing the same song twice.   2 or 3 CDs in the Dash or console is enough music to get me anywhere in the country with some pretty great music No thumb drives, no MP3 players and no Apple I-tunes required.

Miro has proven to big resource in gathering music that is scattered all lover a computer and other local machines on a network. Miro will gather and aggregate your music and video media,  its a good player as well.  It takes some getting used  and learning It Works for most systems

Google Music is a nice way to listen to music on a phone while in the the civilized world. Make sure you download Google Music Manager though.  This is the program that searches and syncs music from your computer to the clouds.

Pandora is pretty nice, but I’m finding myself using it less and less.  MP3 cds play on my BlueRay players also.

Linux “abcde” is a linux command line driven program that kicks butt ripping CDs, There are good free rippers for any O/S.

Please feel free to to comment on your music solutions. I am interested in with how you pack and take your music with you.

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