Fast and Furious, Gun Walking to Honduras

The Congressional investigations are finding and opening up more cans of worms , A Honduran operation is known as “Operation Castaway”, is about to unfold, and it is not looking pretty.

Reports are that Virginia O’Brian the special agent in charge is calling in agents in for a weekend shredding party. A communication simultaneously released by David Codrea and Mike Vanderboegh who are working on this story simultaneously.

 O’Brien is in full meltdown. She ordered supervisors from around the Division to report immediately to division offices and to plan on working through the entire weekend on the coverup.

Her partner in the bungle was ASAC Scott McCampbell. At one point the case was ready to be wrapped up with arrests and remain relatively efficient but O’Brien and McCampbell decided on their own to keep it going to “get more” against the advise of thier field employees and the walked guns numbers got out of control.

OB is terrified that her intentional concealing of her walked guns is going to do her in since she disregarded orders to report to DOJ and Congress.

Nearly the same culprits above her are on the hook for this. Chait knew about it so did Hoover and Melson. The new player is DAD East Julie Torres. She took O’Brien’s old DAD job when OB went to Tampa and has given OB carte blanche to do whatever she wants with little oversight.

Reportedly the shredders are buzzing.

It is beginning to look like all of this could be an Obamian plot to inflate  the number of illegal weapons into Mexico to gain support for new gun control legislation. Is it plausible that this adminstration would break the law to create a crisis that would help forward their agenda? We almost expect it from leftist extremist.  Just as we have little expectation that the MSM will pick up this story.

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