Gambling in Texas

There has been a lot of talk about gambling in Texas, and some folks think that because of the budget crunch and the state Legislators stubbornness on not increasing taxes that legalized gambling would be a source of income that would make every one happy.  `tain’t so.  While the house committee forwarded a bill.

A Texas House committee surprised the casino lobby Friday night when it voted out legislation that would allow video lottery terminals — slot machines — at state racetracks and Indian reservations. The casinos were left behind.

Casino interests wanted any legislation approved by the House Licensing and Administrative Procedures Committee to also allow destination casinos in major cities and on the state’s barrier islands.

They want to allow gambling at the horse tracks, but not allow real resort type casinos to be built in the big cities and barrier islands. The bills have split their support, between the the track owners and the casino developers. and have far to go before the Memorial day deadline.

While some folks have pined their hopes on gambling being an answer to this budgets crunch. Money wouldn’t come into the state coffers at least until 2013.  The legislators would have a hard time seeing that far into the future.


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