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Gas Pump Postit Note

Social media is a powerful force. It helped install our current president, and gave birth to the Tea Party movement. The newest movement has most of its beginnings on facebook.

Purchase a pad of large sticky notes. Write on each one, “How’s that Hope & Change working out for you?” Every time you stop to fill your vehicle with gas, place your sticky note somewhere on the pump before you drive away. DO NOT be destructive in ANY way! Place your sticky note somewhere, so as not to impede the next customer’s ability to read the pump’s digital readout.

After placing your sticky note, please consider taking a digital picture, then uploading it to our wall. Please tell us in which city and state the picture was taken. This is meant to be a “quiet” protest by our silent majority of Americans, to be served upon this administration!! Thank you all for your support!

Such movements tend to evolve into something more, The messages vary and are showing up in other places than gas pumps.  In the social media terms, “Its Gone Viral” and expanded into other places like TSA inspection queues and grocery stores. To be effective there are rules or maybe. Being a Liberty Guerrilla is not only a good way to make a point it could turn out to be a lot of fun!

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