Daylight Savings

It is all based on a lie.  The government figures it can give people more daylight by time shifting our clocks.   This all sounds good, but we all know that in any given day there is 24 hours. and the proportion of it is determined by the laws of science, geometry, and God. Washington has nothing to do with it.  What daylight savings time really does is give us one more hour at night and one less in the morning.  Apparently our government in its wisdom has determined for all of us that evening daylight in the summer has more value than evening daylight.

it has the a negative effect of extending the rising sun for morning commuters to drive into the sun. In fact changing of the clocks kills a few people every year. Although the Washington Times tends to blame the loss of sleep.

There have likewise been oft-repeated claims that DST saves lives by cutting traffic accidents. After all, we all know that driving in the dark is more dangerous, so it stands to reason that pushing sunset back an hour should cut crashes.

But while some studies found no meaningful overall effect, and some slight benefit, at least a few studies found that traffic accidents climbed as much as 7 percent in the days immediately after switching to DST – because drivers are more tired from losing the hour of sleep. And these studies found that accidents didn’t go down nearly as much after the clocks fall back.

I do know we are all better off when the Government just leaves us and our clocks alone.

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