Anarchist Protest Government Cuts

Protesters and rioters fought and burned their way in what is called the Battle of  Trafalger Square. Thugs who call themselves anarchists are  rioting because of government cuts.

The folks over at the Instapundit, said it well.

Reader Matthew Akins writes:

I’m sure this hasn’t escaped your attention, but in point of fact, there is no such thing as a leftist anarchist. We are using words here to describe groups of people in ways that those words were never intended to be used. It’s like a person carrying a yellow flag, but it’s called green. Everyone says, “hey, I see you have the green flag with you,” whenever you go about town with a yellow flag. Such is leftist anarchy. It isn’t anarchy at all, but actually extreme statism. Perhaps the closest it ever comes to anarchy is that leftist anarchists intend on overthrowing the old order. Maybe during the brief period of time before they establish their new ultra statist order, a type of anarchy would exist. But that is not their goal. Their goal is the new order of extreme statism. Yet they call themselves “anarchists” and everyone keeps obliging them, even though their philosophy is anything but anarchy.

Yes. But what to do? Besides, you know, putting their heads on pikes in front of your business to discourage their fellows, which would be unrefined — but, I suspect, highly common in an actual anarchy.


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