Violent Bi-Partisan Rhetoric

The Voter ID bills currently under consideration for the 82nd Texas Legislature sure seem to rile up the leftist. 

For example, if State Representative Debbie “Skeletor” Riddle walked in with her ID in hand, I would walk her skinny white ass right out the door and billy club her for impersonating a human being. Or if Senator Tommy “Bullfrog” Williams would waddle in, I would waddle his fat ass out and let him billy club Riddle just for good measure.

This is what happens when you live in ignorance with your head up your skinny/fat ass.

The whole post just reeks of hate and violence. Just to spread the love even more the post has “Teaba99ers” as a tag.  I haven’t the stomach to browse that site any more but I would guess that is place place where we won’t find much civil discussion about conservative or libertarian issues and values.     

While I think this could be a good law, I believe there are some issues that should be done to make it better. We can deny someone a drivers licence over some some issues such as child support or or unpaid traffic fines.  These things shouldn’t be enough to deny anyone the right to vote, in fact if these issues and perhaps others aren’t addressed they may be enough to get the federal courts to over rule what most folks believe is just a commonsense law.   It maybe that there real issues that the leftist have, but this type of rhetoric is stifling at best to a healthy dialog.

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