Texas Takes on the EPA

Texas is doing pretty well riding out the the Obaman recession, mostly because we don’t pay much attention to the leftist who keep trying to tell us what to do, and because we use and make a lot of energy for the rest of the country to use.  This regime has, contrary to the congressional will, imposed new EPA regulations limiting Power plants and refineries on their CO2 emissions.   The individual states were expected bend over and  obey . while the 49 other states caved in to the demands Texas refused.

The EPA retaliated by announcing it would take over the permitting process.  Texas then took it to court.

Decision-makers with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency had tried to avoid this anticipated stoppage two days before Christmas by declaring that they would skirt defiant Texas authorities by overseeing emissions permits themselves. But the U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia put the kibosh on the move, temporarily blocking it late last week.

Texas is seeking a permanent blockage of the threatened federal takeover. The appeals court has ordered the EPA to reply to Texas’s Dec. 30 petition by Thursday morning. But the judges made it clear in their one-page order that the temporary reprieve issued last Thursday “should not be construed in any way as a ruling on the merits” of Texas’s lawsuit.

This isn’t about cleaner air  and healthier Americans. Its about bypassing the legislative process to obtain a socialist agenda by decree.

The new EPA rules are a stretch of their original charter. To claim that Carbon Dioxide is some sort of toxin is crazy. Life as wee know it can’t exist without carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. As we enter into one of the coldest winters on record for the second year in a row.   One has to ask if global warming would be such a bad thing.

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