Change in Galveston County Winds

The new county commissioners swore in yesterday. For the first time since reconstruction, the County Commissioners Court will be run and headed up by Republicans.  Things probably won’t change a lot, hopefully though some of the good old boy politics will change. I kind of hate to admit it, but I’m going to miss Jim Yarbrough, he really was a servant of the people, and did a good job leading us through good times and bad. Although it is time for a change he has earned a lot of respect throughout our small county.  I wish him luck in his future.

Latonia Wilson displayed a lack of class in not co-operating with the transition.  Any politician who believes they are entitled to a position, doesn’t deserve the job.

The new blood should be good for Galveston, I think us taxpayers are gaining more protection of our money, and that they will represent us fairly. Hopefully they avoid divisional politics that the last court showed it comes to setting up polling places, and that the court will represent all the voters in the county.  They will be doing some redistricting, to reflect the population shift from south to north, The districting should be done to represent similar people in rather than to strengthen a particular party. Tom Delay styled gerrymandering will not represent the people as well as placing similar populations in  the districts.  The Court doesn’t need to protect themselves by gerrymandering. Doing the job we expect of conservatives Republicans will keep them and the party in power for a long time.

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