The Fight for House Speaker

We don’t get to vote for the speaker of the house and I’m not sure who I would support if it it really mattered. It all about Strauss who made a deal with the devil Democrats to wrest control from Craddick  for control of the Texas House in 2009.

The too camps are making their cases and they even made their own you tube videos to convince the lawmakers to see their side.  Greg over at Rhymes with right posts a pretty sophisticated video.  The video starts off by crediting the Tea Party movement for giving the Republicans such a firm hold at the state house this term.  I find this a little ironic because one of the main reasons for the Republican rift is the morality issues of abortion and gambling.   I don’t recall those issues being mentioned at any of the Tea Partys I attended.

Then there is Big Jolly Politics, They have posted not one but two You Tube Video’s. Neither is as slick as the one the anti Strauss crowd produced, although they probably were a little a more convincing.  It must be tough though for Republicans to support Strauss though when he got the positition by going straight to the Democrats.

So I decided to produce my own video,  While it won’t clarify the issue for anyone, it may provide an understanding for my confusion.

Please forgive me as this was my first attempt 😉


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