Crippled Ducks Are Doing Well

A couple weeks ago lots of folks were bemoaning what seemed to be an overly ambitious liberal lameduck Congress. Seems as though they haven’t done so bad. Glenn Reynolds Notes:

SO AS FAR AS I’M CONCERNED, this whole lame-duck Congress thing worked out pretty well.

Tax-rate extensions passed. Good.

Omnibus Pork Bill failed. Good.

DREAM Act failed. Good.

Miserable food “safety” bill failed. Good.

DADT repeal passed. Good.

I hope this foreshadows how things will go in the next Congress. . . .

While many conservatives won’t agree with the DADT, I think they will agree that it is better that it gets killed in this manner than by court order.

Maybe we should cripple a few more ducky Congresscritters.

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