Square, Accepting Plastic on The Go

I don’t have a Smart Phone,  I’ve been reluctant to dump my functiona, although relatively disposable phone for the more expensive smart phones. Mostly though its not the price of the hardware that keeps me away. It’s the  price of the service.  However some of the apps will eventually give me cause to give in to the Borg.  This may be one of them .

This sounds interesting.

I’m using Square, a device and service that lets anyone accept credit cards using an iPhone or certain Android devices, with a minimum of hassle and expense. The hardware – a white square of plastic that plugs into the phone’s headphone jack – is free. You install a free app on your phone, then pay a small amount per transaction. There’s no setup fee.

Square is a fascinating startup company based in San Francisco, and the brainchild of Jack Dorsey. If that name is familiar, it should be: He’s the guy who thought up Twitter. And with Square, it looks like he might have another hit on his hands.

Most kewl!

The ability to accept plastic is great for the self employed as was well as the casual user.  I wonder if the app will ever be available for the PC.

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